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  1. I agree, there's too much of making things extra illegal. And often too many times like in Chicago I hear, people aren't even properly taken in for charges for crimes they've been caught with red handed. People out here assaulting others or committing violent robberies being out back in the streets within days or a week. I don't want laws that push the burden on to law abiding people. But we do need to hold those willing to do harm accountable. What kind of proposed law that would be, I don't know.
  2. I'm sorry, I got my wires crossed with terminology. I was incorrectly thinking that something like an AR upper was classified as a receiver. Hence me using frame and receiver incorrectly. Frame meaning the component holding the firing mechanism for pistols, receiver holding the firing mechanism for a rifle (based on a document from the ATF). Excuse my ignorance. So as far as ARs go, building ARs are still OK with an existing serialized lower receiver. Still issues with polymer 80s by the sound of what everyone else is bringing up and the difficulty of serializing those after the fact.
  3. I'm not saying I know the perfect answer. Determining if someone is still a danger to the public isn't as simple as "You promise you won't hurt anyone else, okay?" And I wish I had the answers. But overall I would think we would agree that we don't want bad people having guns. Whether there's a good way to go about that is a different question I don't have an answer for but I'd hope it'd be one we can all agree on at some point. I agree with all your points. Which is why I'm against red flag laws as they stand because the appeal process is abhorrent and ripe for abuse. We already know how slow the government works, and getting them to pass legislation to keep their own deadlines in check with risk of penalties would probably garner some laughs from the legislators.
  4. Some of the obvious stuff like violent felons and existing criminals from having firearms which is already the case. Universal background checks that don't add undue burden or cost.
  5. Will there be a grandfather clause for the magazine limit? Otherwise they would be turning hundreds of thousands into criminals if it passes for no other than than "because we said so". Do they expect people to really just toss them out? Even if there's a buyback, paying abyssal prices for what the magazines are even worth? I'm not even completely against all forms of gun control if they're weren't so heavy in just punishing law abiding people or being unreasonable.
  6. ** Unlawful Conduct – it is unlawful for any person to knowingly: a. Sell, offer to sell, or transfer un-serialized unfinished frames, receivers, or firearms, including those produced using a three-dimensional printer, unless the party purchasing or receiving the such firearm is a federal firearms importer, federal firearms manufacturer, or federal firearms dealer. b. Possess, transport, or receive an un-serialized unfinished frame, receivers, or firearms beginning November 14, 2022, unless: i. the party possessing or receiving the unfinished frame, receiver, or firearm is a federal firearms importer or federal firearms manufacturer; or ii. the unfinished frame or receiver is possessed or transported by a person for transfer to a federal firearms importer or federal firearms manufacturer. ** Based on that language, AR receivers are unserialized. I'm trying to also interpret the "unfinished" part. Is a complete upper considered unfinished unless it's attached to the complete AR? Does the unfinished part only apply to the frame or is it including the receivers. In my layman understanding, I have a complete AR and I'm good to go. But temporary pull the receiver off and maybe swap it with another one, then I'm possessing a unserialized receiver? It's not clear to me.
  7. The home storage thing, I really hope it's not one of those "all guns must be stored in a locked container at all times" even in your private home and if you live alone. Isn't the locked home already considered the locked container?? And I couldn't imagine the logistical nightmare of how that'd be enforced until after the fact a crime happens. Weekly, monthly check ins by the police? It'll probably just be another add on charge to tack on to whatever existing crime.
  8. You can serve and die for your country at 18, but won't allow them to drink or own a semi auto gun until 21.
  9. I agree. If there were portions that protected against misuse like "Anyone who uses a red flag claim maliciously or fraudulently shall be subject to x dollars and x days jail" and "Those who have had their rights fraudulently removed shall be immediately restored their rights as well as X dollars to be paid from the accusatory party", then I probably wouldn't be too against it. That and make the appeal process extremely easy. But they can't even resolve parking tickets in a few weeks, I can't imagine how long they would drag out an appeal process if falsely red flagged.
  10. Are AR builds affected by this? Language in the bill basically says that frame, receiver, parts kit needs a serial number. How does that work if I want an AR with a already serialized lower? Will my remaining parts need to be serialized?
  11. Crazy how the bill started out as a utilities related bill and was gutted and repacked with the new gun legislation.
  12. https://www.ilga.gov/legislation/BillStatus.asp?DocTypeID=HB&DocNum=4383&GAID=16&SessionID=110&LegID=137678
  13. I recently purchased ammo from Roger's Sporting Goods using my CCL/foid combo with no expiration date. No issues! Whether they ran the card validation portion for ammo sales I can't say.
  14. Hello Everyone, So I kept running into dead ends trying to locate a IWB LEFT HANDED holster for a Girsan Regard MC(Beretta 92 clone). I've heard some M9A1 or M9A3 holsters may fit but don't want to risk buying it to only end up having to return it. In the mean time, I was able to salvage the leather of an old vedder holster, vacuum seal form some new kydex, and then add that to the existing leather. It came out not too bad! It has retention when on the belt, doesn't hang up with drawing. Little cosmetically rough around the edges but functional. Debating on simply going the DIY route for more holster formats like a full kydex one, unless someone here can suggest a left handed, IWB holster that fits their needs great for a Girsan Regard MC. Thanks!
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