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  1. It’s for that reason that I am keeping my cards. I’ll follow the one that is listed on my ISP act. I haven’t checked yetis I don’t know if they used the new one I received Friday or not. This is actually the third FPOD I have received within the past year. All have different numbers. Of course the las tone has the CCL on it. But 3 in one year and all with different numbers?
  2. How did you like the classes. The CCL instructor I had ws a bit fast an clearly running through the course by watching the clock. I ours like ro learn from a more relaxed bar serious atmosphere. Any input would help. Thank you.
  3. This is what I have seen so far. Trying to verify this is for the final vote on the bill. Vote Tally Democrat Republican Yea 68 66 2 Nay 41 4 37 Not Voting 2 1 1 Absent - - - TOTAL 111 71 40
  4. If Pritzker takes this election, we as believers in the 2A need to file suit again and again until we wear theIL Supreme Court down. The point is, the more court cases we can file, the more we can get across the misconception on of firearms being divided into categories. "Biden say's if we want to fight America, we should used f-15'd, not the high powered rifles". The left is creating a false understanding of firearms. He tells the left that AR stands for Assault riffle. We in Illinois need to set the record straight by not only fighting the 2A but educating the people. I believe the only way to do that is by court suits. Certainly Pritzkers Safe-T Act should be re-worded. It is clearly misleading. That's what happens when he does things behind closed doors!
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