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  1. I filled out this form before a while ago. Never got reached out to. Guess I'll do it again /shrug
  2. with P80 Glocks you just get a 1x0.25” plate on the underside of the guide rod area. That was what I was referring to. I imagine there are similar metal plates for this purpose on the polymer 80% AR lowers
  3. realistically speaking it would be highly unlikely someone in this situation would have accidentally left enough room on it for a few reasons. -the owner would have had to make the serial a single digit or maybe 2 at most -the number itself would have had to be on the far left or right edge in order to leave room -the serial requirements as outlined by ISP in order to be valid, must include additional digits that is associated with the FFL. This makes these serials longer than ones on conventionally manufactured guns.
  4. correct, but does that mean that all self serialized/“incorrectly” serialized frames are suddenly illegal? And the only recourse for someone (who wants to stay legal) with this in their possession is to destroy it? How is that fair?
  5. Say you bought an 80% at some point before this law passed, and also serialized it yourself in that time obviously being unable to conform to their format requirements since it didn't exist yet. How could they argue against that in court?
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