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  1. with P80 Glocks you just get a 1x0.25” plate on the underside of the guide rod area. That was what I was referring to. I imagine there are similar metal plates for this purpose on the polymer 80% AR lowers
  2. realistically speaking it would be highly unlikely someone in this situation would have accidentally left enough room on it for a few reasons. -the owner would have had to make the serial a single digit or maybe 2 at most -the number itself would have had to be on the far left or right edge in order to leave room -the serial requirements as outlined by ISP in order to be valid, must include additional digits that is associated with the FFL. This makes these serials longer than ones on conventionally manufactured guns.
  3. yep, isn’t it great how being right doesn’t matter when the companies don’t care? I just wish our fellow consumers in less restrictive locales could be made aware of just how annoying it is when these things happen.
  4. correct, but does that mean that all self serialized/“incorrectly” serialized frames are suddenly illegal? And the only recourse for someone (who wants to stay legal) with this in their possession is to destroy it? How is that fair?
  5. They do not ship ar/Ak’s to Chicago or cook zips. From what I’ve heard they won’t even ship accessories or parts to these locations if they are for an ar or ak. It would not surprise me if they included pistols in this blanket blacklisting of addresses. Ironic that they incorporate little pro-2a blurbs and quotes as part of their web page design when they really aren’t 2A advocates at all. But people, usually not from IL, eat that **** up cuz their guns seem to hold up decent while still being in the lowest bracket price-wise. That’s as good a reason as any for them to go full shill, I suppose.
  6. this is a good point worth noting. When I was in the class it was also a full room, probably 50 people at a minimum and almost half of them either never touched a gun or just bought one and put 0 rounds through it. on one hand, I really did appreciate the instructor’s willingness to explain things in a sort of “you’re only as strong as the weakest link” approach but holy ****…having to sit there for and listen to someone explain and re-explain multiple times the concept of sight alignment, how it works, and why it matters - for 30 minutes straight made me re-evaluate my life decisions up until that point. Which by the way, the class I attended took place before the gaspocalypse. That said, I’m at least grateful a free class does exist if for nothing else but to give the option for those who opt for it.
  7. Say you bought an 80% at some point before this law passed, and also serialized it yourself in that time obviously being unable to conform to their format requirements since it didn't exist yet. How could they argue against that in court?
  8. Yea, I plan on doing so. I wouldn't sign up if I had no intention of showing up. Not sure how the intent of this thread could have been misunderstood by so many people. Again, if I saw someone asking a set of questions surrounding a store, legal entity, etc. with a focus on a specific aspect of them, my first assumption wouldn't be that they had some sort of bone to pick. In fact I would say that if they did have some kind of vendetta, that merely asking some questions would be a really poor way of "getting back at them." I'm glad Gavin saw this and was able to respond directly. Its clear he values transparency and that goes appreciated. I'm looking forward to the class, but I just wanted to get an idea of it in the meantime as its over a month out currently.
  9. Because I’ve signed up for an upcoming class, lol. I am familiar with certain cases where ISP has revoked CCLs based off improper instruction in cases unrelated to kee, but im sorry you misread me doing my due diligence as some sort of conspiratorial slander campaign against them. I’ve never stepped foot into kee and I have no bias towards them one way or another but if you look on the ILguns subreddit, there is without fail, a “you get what you pay for” remark every time their class is brought up.
  10. Yes, that was something I was hoping to get to the bottom of in this thread. If anyone's taken this class and has thoughts on it, have at it.
  11. I hear their name pop up from time to time on the ILGuns subreddit, often in a negative light. At $0 for the actual class and roughly $40 for the range fee, they are the absolute cheapest option being offered in the Chicago area, and for many that's hard to pass up. But almost all the time when the notion of a 'free' class is brought up its followed by a "you get what you pay for." I am definitely familiar with the concept that lower quality is to be expected with lower cost and I certainly see how it might apply in this specific situation but not a single time when this is brought up, were there specific examples comparing like "X was taught at Kee, when I renewed my CCL elsewhere, the other place taught Y, and it turns out X was flat out wrong" or something along those lines. What I want to get to the bottom of here is on exactly -how- they have such a negative opinion from people regarding the material actually being taught and possibly extending to the teaching style of the specific instructor. I am also aware that they use the free class to pressure students into giving a good review of their store on google maps or whatever, and I know that can come across underhanded, but for me it is neither surprising nor a dealbreaker.
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