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  1. Truly glad other people have begun to receive their Illinois Concealed Carry License after waiting☺️. Be safe everyone.
  2. Thank's Dave Really good to know. just hoping that everyone else will begin receiving their cards; due to the fact that the world we are living in is becoming more and more dangerous and us good people have the legal right to protect our love one's and ourselves.
  3. Hi Illinois_Buckeye; Just wanted to let you know that I finally received my concealed carry in the mail today since we were in the same batch 01/18/2022. It's the new card with the CCL Indicator. Hoping that everyone else that's been waiting will also receive their card in the mail soon. Also at the bottom of the card it states Caution This does not permit the bearer to UNLAWFULLY carry or use firearms; go figure.
  4. Received my Illinois Concealed Carry License in the mail today with the CCL Indicator. However at the bottom of the card it states; CAUTION; This card does not permit the bearer to UNLAWFULLY carry or use firearms. What does that even mean. Will I receive another card with the wording corrected. Stating that I can legally conceal carry? Any ideas or answers?
  5. Still waiting on mine. Spoke with someone on the phone at ISP on Friday 03/04/2022 claimed that those of us whose cards showed printed on 01/18/2022 was never printed. Now they are showing printed on 02/24/2022 supposed to be printed soon. This is crazy. Hope we will all receive our cards soon could not get an exact time frame as to when they would actually be printed and mailed out. Quess we will still have to "HURRY UP & WAIT."
  6. Hi I'm new to the form. Just wondering why it is taking so long for Illinois Concealed Carry Licenses to reach those who have received an "ACTIVE Status." I applied on 09/20/2021 for my CCl; Printed on 01/18/2022. As of today's date 02/10/22 have not received it in the mail. Do anyone have any insight on as to why it might be taking so long to reach those of us with the status of being active?
  7. As of today's date February 6, 2022 I'm in the same situation as you. My status has been active since January 18, 2022 still no card in the mail.
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