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  1. We’ll I retook the 16 hr class and I’d like to have the full 5 years for retaking it. I think I read March 9,2020 is when all the COVID regulation took effect.
  2. Long story short I got my ccl when they first came out and I let it expire on 4/14/19 (yes all my fault ) so I did take the entire 16 hour course and qualifying again submitted my info online , only gave me the option as a renewal, I received my ccl today and it expires on 4/14/24, when it went active on 12/23/21. Has anyone else ever ran into this before? It appears they somehow went off my expired ccl and not my new certificate I submitted when I renewed
  3. So my ccl was renewed and went active but says printed on 12/23, have not received it yet. Is this something I should start worrying about, or pretty typically to take this long to receive in the mail?
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