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  1. Only requiring 60 votes for a bill, IMHO, would be bad for us. However, I'll worry about that later. Today is for celebrating.
  2. But carrying while hunting doesn't satisfy the carrying for personal protection that was mentioned numerous times in the decision.
  3. Oh no, I just remembered....the world is going to end in 10 days. No CCW for you!
  4. THAT is my hope, but I still think we'll see some permitting scheme. Either way, a HUGE win for us today.
  5. Todd V said on Capitol Fax that 148 is no longer an option. *wrings hands and grins* Excellent.
  6. I wish we could do away with such locations, unless under direct police guard with controlled monitored (metal detectors, etc...) entrances, such as court houses, but I think we'll have to give ground on this one. That doesn't mean we won't make that ground back up in a year or two when the streets stop running red with blood. (as they already are running red with blood because of the unarmed public)
  7. We just need to hold on for a low training, low fee, shall issue permit, and then fight to loosen the requirements later. All in all, a HUGE step forward today.
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