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  1. Did you really read the article? Nothing there tripped your BS sensors? I'll point out a few things. CNN is ran by neo liberal hack journalists who always skew their reporting. There's nothing wrong with watching our reading their work, but keep in mind, as with any source, you need to be aware of their bias and motivation. Example the language ”Controversial permitless carry laws" didn't strike you as a way to say constitutional carry? One place where they said the quiet part out loud was the remark about this Governor trying to save face with Trump voters, I guess because he lost favor because he didn't participate in the stolen election narrative? The article only mentions two disqualifiers, when you should know it's not that cut and dry. CNN, again neo liberal mouthpieces, aren't going to go into detail about how impotent some of these bills are, they want outrage among their target demographic thinking "Republican" governors are handing out surplus BAR "assault rifles" from the big war at the polling places. It's all a division tactic. Finally, as if it's not obvious, the whole "rights restored" part may as well read "wealthy enough", especially in a state that a petty crime as a teenager can be held against a person for life. Finally, how hard was it to get a carry license in Georgia in the first place? Will this really do anything to make carry accessible to more Americans than before? Again, lip service and posturing, nothing more, nothing less. But congrats I guess it gives people hope who only look at it at face value. I'm a little more skeptical, after all, it was a Republican Governor who made California the stencil for cookie cutter firearms prohibition. I do appreciate you sharing the article, it just does nothing to change my view of those who don't let the Constitution talk for itself.
  2. Well, here's hoping it stays that way. The area I'm in used to be one of the worst, now after the Cahokia Heights fiasco, I feel safer here than there.
  3. I'd be careful if that too. They've moved the goalpost so far now, they include 3D printed receivers. That's the part that bothers me. If they're given an inch....
  4. Lucky you. I got family down there in Perry County, they actually don't lock doors! Was a major culture shock coming from the Metro East.
  5. Awesome you mentioned putting the empty holster next to the TV. My CCL instructor used the example of one bad guy in the house carrying your 42 inch TV not being an immediate danger and therefore not legal to fire on. Your idea may be best, saving the TV and sending them on their way without more than damage to the door they came in! As they say, it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog. He doesn't have to be an attack dog to alert you to trouble, just make the racket lol. Best case scenario they're scared off by either the holster wondering where the firearm is, or Max. Better to be calling the cops to report the break in, than the trouble of trying to explain actually having to use the last line of defense. Especially in today's soft on crime, defenders treated like the criminal, environment.
  6. Affirmative on that! However you're a braver person than I am! If they've made it far enough inside to see a holster in my place, something went wrong. I've got no youngans here in the house, but a very alert sixty pound rescue pittie sleeps with me every night. Where I'm at, we don't have the creeping type burglar, we get home invasions if anything. Hopefully I've issued them a verbal warning long before they make it that far. Best case scenario, they realize their poor decision making long before they get more than a few feet past whichever threshold they chose to come through.
  7. That's called common sense sir. I totally agree and take the same approach. I'd hate to imagine the emotional damage behind the save law enforcement pursuing my stolen car being shot at with a weapon I left in it. Besides, does me no good out there in my vehicle if I'm inside in bed when the thieves make their early a.m. rounds. Might as well lock it in my safe if it's not going to do me any good should they try to enter my home.
  8. Show me a Republican who genuinely does anything to advance our rights? Just like the NRA, they're all a con. The only ones preserving the second amendment are constitutionalist judges. No politician, Democrat or Republican, really gives a darn about your rights. It's all lip service so they can get elected and live of they tax payer. Sooner we see the long con, the more secure we'll be in our rights and our freedoms.
  9. Agree. It's eroding a right away for no reason other than advancing the anti firearm agenda. It was the ATF that defined what constitutes a firearm, pretty much their definition that brought about the 80% completion guidelines. What's very telling, is the 3D printed language. The whole argument about what constitutes a legally home built firearm goes out the window when a spool of polymer for a primer can be considered a precursor. It's concerning where the ultimate goal of anti 2A politicians will leave us.
  10. I agree. The criminals in my area wouldn't take the time to build a gun. They easily arm themselves thanks to irresponsible gun owners in Missouri who leave their firearms in their vehicle parked in their driveway at home every night. See and he it on the news all the time, usually with security footage of the criminals checking for handles. Sure, LOCKING it in a car somewhere that prohibits carry, understandable. But leaving your firearm in an unlocked car at home? Much more convenient for them than building one up from the frame. Criminals aren't exactly known for taking the most difficult route, especially when they're almost guaranteed to find one out burglarizing cars.
  11. Don't know where else to pose this question, but this sub forum seemed to be best suited for it. I know many think those kits are only for criminals, and those who legally are eligible to purchase and own them aren't effected by the legislation. But hasn't the law, state and federal, that a person could manufacture a homemade firearm if they wanted as long as it wasn't done with an intention to sell it? And only if it were sold at some later point, a serial number would be applied for? Personally I prefer the experts build my firearms, as I value my hands and face, but I'm not sure these new bans are a good sign for anyone.
  12. Hi all. Just delivering an update. CCL arrived in the mail today. Took almost exactly the alloted 4 months for applications and certificates without prints if I figure in a few days for printing and mailing (November 14, 2021-March 26, 2022). So Matt,I think you'll be ok. I guess once anyone's sorted things out and gotten whatever help they need and got their rights restored, most will be fine. I really hope that's the case for everyone, as a person shouldn't have to weigh the consequences of losing a constitutional right against getting treatment. Wish you luck. Keep us updated with your success. Also, thank you Molly B., I'm glad I found this forum. You're spoken of very highly in the Illinois firearms subreddit. I appreciate all you do here and the wealth of information and data you make available here.
  13. So far the CCL is still sitting and hasn't moved past the submitted phase. I don't expect any movement on it any time soon due to the holidays. My FOID is due for renewal this year too, in March, but had no problems with an address change last year or any of the purchases I've made. Hopefully we won't have to deal with the hassle of losing the ID and having to get it back. I'll keep the forum informed as the process goes forward.
  14. Will do. Thanks for the reply. Sets my mind at ease, seeing as I recently plunked down a significant amount for the concealed carry class and all. I figured that was the case, but I never want to end up on the wrong side of the law. Even a law that might make sense on paper, but it's dangerous because it may keep people from getting the help they need when they need it. Thanks again for all you do.
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