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  1. Hello, My CCL was denied due to attending drug/alcohol treatment for a first time dui. I have 2 years until the 5 year period is up. Do i need to appeal or cancel my CCL submission? Im assuming my processing fee is also going to be kept by the state as well? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello, So on Saturday i logged onto the applicant portal and saw that after nearly 200 days of waiting for my CCL that it was denied. I haven't gotten anything in the mail saying why yet. About 2 weeks ago my FOID renewal went from pending to active so as far as i know my FOID is still good. I did get a DUI in cook co in 2017 and had to attend drug/alcohol treatment because of it. So im assuming thats what caused the denial. (Attended residental or court ordered drug/alcohol treatment within 5 last years) I figured that since it was my first DUI that it fell under the DUI category and assumed i was ok... Apparently not. I see ALOT of people have had the same problem. My question is, once the 5 years is up/past, how do i go about re-applying? Do i need to appeal it now for any reason? Is there a way to clear the denial once the 5 years is up? Im assuming that they are counting it from the day i completed treatment. Which dragged out into 2018 through a very long program called ACRA. I also stayed with a counselor afterwards just because i liked having a counselor to vent to every month so im praying they arent counting that as well. So if it is the last day of ACRA they are going off of, i have about 2 years until i can re-apply. Thanks in advance. Im an Army veteran and and seeing "denied" in those big red letters was a serious heartbreak. My stomach was turning all night and it made me feel like I was in trouble or that the state/country I love was against me. Im glad to have found this community and I really am looking forward to being a part of it. Thank you. -Travis
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