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    Gun prices

    I have been looking at M&P prices, and many models now can be purchased as optics ready. The ones without the precut slide have gone way down.
  2. The teen was hit in the wrist. Could be a ton of money if there’s a loss of function. Which would be well justified.
  3. WBBM radio 780 interviewed Sullivan this morning. I’m guessing it’s available online also.
  4. You could keep a burner phone in your car with one of those location tracking apps. If it was stolen, you could give the police the location in real time, like that LoJack device used to. Valuable items that are difficult and expensive to replace. Especially if it’s how you earn a living. That would be a tough situation to be in, coming across someone carrying your stuff in the street.
  5. I was listening to an analysis of the arguments and the jist here was that a crowded city, because of higher crime, has a greater need for allowing citizens to arm themselves for protection.
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