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  1. Rapid Defense has 2 upcoming first aid classes that are ideal for firearms owners. Both classes held at Racine County Line Rifle Club in Racine Wisconsin. RCLRC members eligible for 10% discount (email badge number to andy@rapiddefensewi.com for code). 10/17: Basic First Aid and CPR/AED Certification ($65pp) Learn basic and intermediate level first aid that may save a life some day from certified American Heart Association instructors. This class covers a variety of common injuries and dives into more depth than your average CPR class. If you've wanted to learn first aid, or get certified, this class will get you there and beyond. Complete details and registration: https://rapiddefense.company.site/Heartsaver-First-Aid-CPR-AED-p376973794 12/11: Advanced First Aid for Active Shooters/Extreme Violence (Emergency First Care and Trauma Treatment) ($200pp) This hands-on training will instruct students in how to treat the injuries normally suffered during an active shooter incident or other extremely violent situations. Injuries also parallel those that may be experienced in the wilderness, workplace, or accidents, etc. Learn how to treat gun shot wounds and other severe injuries. This course goes well beyond any first aid course and builds proven battlefield lifesaving techniques. Eligible class for 6 credit hours of TECC and equivalent certification training. Complete details and registration: https://rapiddefense.company.site/Advanced-First-Aid-for-Active-Shooters-Extreme-Violence-Emergency-First-Care-and-Trauma-Treatment-p317425151
  2. The Concealed Defensive Handgun class is a one day course for CCW permit holders and those carrying a concealed weapon for self-defense. Learn how to use your concealed weapon effectively and proficiently. This class is 8 hours long and the training is split 30% actively learning and 70% actively shooting. A handgun (with carry holster and magazines) is also required for this course. We use adult learning theory and video to develop your concealed pistol manipulation skills and enhance your basic pistol marksmanship skills. This class does not enable you to obtain a CCW permit. It's designed for existing CCW permit holders wishing to learn how to use a concealed weapon effectively. $150pp. 10% discount for RCLRC members (email badge number to andy@rapiddefensewi.com for code). Complete class info and registration here: https://rapiddefense.company.site/Concealed-Defensive-Handgun-p374216043
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