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  1. Hi again Molly, I did get the denial letter like you said. According to it the reason is 430 ILCS 65/8 (U). Reading through this it says I will need to be cleared by a mental health evaluation for being admitted to a mental health facility more than 5 years ago. Is the only avenue forward at this point one of those FOID evaluations? I tried searching this online a bit and it seems the asking price is $800 minimum. Are you aware of people having luck working with other evaluators (the letter says it can be a physician, clinical psychologist, or qualified examiner)? Thank you again, Andrew
  2. Actually after reading through the issues other people are having in this thread it sounds like I was denied because I was put into a mental hospital when I was 17 (few weeks before I turned 18). I figured that would not even be considered as I was still a minor and this happened in late 2010 but it sounds like this must be on my record still. I don't think there is anything else it could be and I never got a reason for being denied. Based on what I have read it sounds like the only route is one of these expensive evaluations then? Thanks again for the help
  3. Thanks for your reply, I did not answer yes to any of the questions so that must not be what my issue is then. I am going to keep trying to get a hold of someone at the ISP.
  4. Hi Molly, I was hoping you would have some advice on my situation. I just checked my FOID application to see that is was denied. However as far as I can tell, there is no reasoning given on the application portal and when I tried calling the number on the State Police website it does not go through. My only guess would be that is has something to do with the mental health question as I have been to a therapist / on medicine at some point in the last 5 years. Is this something that you have seen before? Thanks for you help, Andrew
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