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  1. Oh, they did make it difficult. But I just marching on until I was able to get approved. Not happy about the $300 fee from the State as well as Cook County's unreasonable rules.
  2. Unfortunately, I had a customer that I was going to do a transfer for and this is the email they received from PSA Compliance:
  3. I spoke to John (didn't get his last name) Also, it's in their terms and conditions. https://palmettostatearmory.com/help-center/terms-and-conditions.html#firearm-shipments Magazine restrictions Ammunition
  4. Talonap, yea I guess that's is what they mean, but its basically the governments stance on that anyway. The "AFT", and the state believe in this as well, don't they? Unless I got that wrong.
  5. I guess I can officially put my information there. Full Metal Arms, LLC 1978 Ridgemore Dr. Bartlett, IL 60103 630-478-0003 www.fullmetal-arms.com Thanks, Ricardo Garcia
  6. Alright folks, it was a long time coming but I'm finally up and running my home based FFL business. I am about to do my first 2 transfers this week (pending background checks of course) I have set up relationships with a few distributors also to do "per request" (non-inventory) sales. Unfortunately some distributors will not work with me because I live on the Cook County side of Bartlett. Distributors such as Palmetto State Armory will not do business with me because of Cook County's anti 2A "Assault Weapon" ban. I work part time at Cabela's and they are also in Cook County, but Hoffman Estates is a Home Rule village and they have verbiage in their codes that Cook County's ban does not apply to them. I spoke to a Deputy Chief in the Bartlett Police department and he said that when the county ban went into effect in 2018, the village said they would not put anything in their codes banning any weapons. In effect, they are not against ARs. But this apparently is not enough, it needs to be codified that Bartlett will not accept Cook County's ban. I spoke to one of the code officials and they said that it might help if I can get pro 2A groups behind me to get this verbiage placed into the Bartlett code. The difficult thing is that Bartlett is in 3 different counties, so a small section of Bartlett is in Cook County. If anyone knows of any pro 2A groups in Bartlett, It might help my case. This is the section of the Hoffman Estates code that I'm talking about: "Sec. 8-7-6. - Firearms, airguns and explosive toys. A. It is intended that this Section shall pre-empt all Cook County licensing or other regulatory schemes for firearms, and firearms dealers. As provided in Article VII, Section 6(c) of the State of Illinois Constitution of 1970, if a county ordinance conflicts with an ordinance of a municipality, the municipality ordinance shall prevail within its jurisdiction. B. It is specifically intended that this Section shall pre-empt the Cook County Firearms Dealer's License Ordinance as now in effect or as may be hereafter amended, and the Cook County Assault Weapons and Assault Ammunition Ban Ordinance as now in effect or as may be hereafter amended. C. License Required. No person shall engage in the business of selling, or to commercially sell, loan or give away to any person within the Village, any pistol, revolver, derringer, shotgun, rifle or other weapon of like character without securing a license so to do. D. Regulations. The applicant shall comply with all applicable regulations of the Police Department. (Ord. No. 4238-2011, § 3(Exh. A), 5-2-11)" Thanks. Ricardo Garcia Full Metal Arms, LLC www.fullmetal-arms.com
  7. Short update: David Sigale did return my call and we came to an agreement on retaining his services. He helped me construct the details on the form and am hoping to hear from the village by Tuesday or Wednesday. I will update this thread occasionally through my journey. Thank you everyone for your suggestions and help
  8. Thanks you for responding mab22, I have tried to find an attorney that is familiar with FFLs and LLCs, I have even contacted the NRA and NRA-ILA and was not able to get help. I have contacted Shaw Law, LTD in Waukegan, IL and he referred me to Michael Danforth in Barrington, which has not returned my calls. I then did some more research and found David G. Sigale in Wheaton. Unfortunately I have not been able to get any attorney to respond. If anyone has suggestions, I would love to hear them. Thanks.
  9. I'm in the middle of trying to start a home-based FFL. The FFL type I'm attempting to get is a Type 7. A large part would be Transfers, then sales by request, and finally some simple manufacturing (completing 80% and getting them stamped) I have already created an LLC, gotten my EIN and Illinois Tax ID number (which they suggested making my primary business "retail") and have a complete e-commerce site through GoDaddy (not published yet) I'm about to get my application in to the ATF, but I need to confirm that the Village of Bartlett (Cook county side) will not have an issue with what is technically a "Manufacturing FFL license" I don't plan on setting up a machine shop in my garage, just working with my home woodworking tools to do any work. The very nice lady at the Village Zoning department asked me to submit the Home Occupation form and she would show it to the Village lawyers to get approval before moving on. She asked me to be descriptive about what I will be doing for the business. Does anyone have any advice on this whole process or changes to the below description that I'm submitting. Thanks! Rick
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