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  1. I always wondered about those. Signs in some suburban malls say they have those patrolling. I am with you bubbacs I don’t recall seeing a no firearms post on the entries at Nieman
  2. Thank you for keeping this updated. I have run into way to many places that wont ship to IL even though I am not in cook county. +1 for rogers sporting goods though. They have been awesome.
  3. Not too bad….i keep forgetting about this forum, will try to check on more.
  4. Good call. I am in cook county but you are right I run into many that do not want to shop to Chicago for some odd reason. Shoot point blank has plenty of ammo in stock. The one in countryside west burbs is stocked with most calibers but only has reload .380. oh 24.99 for 9mm. Still above pre pandemic. Was 16.99 early pandemic and far less before then.
  5. AH, I see. Much like some of the other forums. I will have to do that then before I can officially List. Appreciate the heads up!
  6. Was directed to this site a few weeks ago, but finally getting around to looking around and posting. Anyone have any suggestions where I can offload some safe queens locally? Honestly just looking for ease of transaction, and I know Maxon is fair, but no where near what I would prob get person to person. Some stuff I just dont shoot, as well as I need room, and to fund other wants. I did not see a for sale section but my eyes…happy to repost elsewhere. I can post some pics as well this week but off the bat I was looking to offload: - BNIB never fired Springfield EMP 3” black cocobolo (everything new and in box) - Kahr P380 - used, but would fire sale one as I have two (box’s, 1 mag each) I have one more item, but the awesome guy who routed to me has dibs, and I dropped the ball. Reminds me I need to email him pictures Thank you. Stay safe out there.
  7. First post… just for the contribution and if covered already sorry https://www.rogerssportinggoods.com they have been great with moderate prices. While all ammo prices are diving which is awesome some limited avail out there. Rogers uploaded FOID and no problem.
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