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  1. Howdy all, first of all, I am glad I found this group. I had no idea it exsisted, largely in part due to the fact I'm not online much probably but while waiting for my membership to be approved last night I read a lot of stuff and wow, all i can say is wow. Made for a very good read and there is some great info on here. I had a question I'm hoping one of you more legal savvy guys could answer. I Googled around and couldn't find nothing other than a post linking here that didn't really answer my question and that's how I found you guys. Backstory: I'm living with my girlfriend currently and it's just us. We are not home most of the day/evening as we both work. I got a letter in the mail from our neighborhood association last week saying there has been a string of attempted home and vehicle burglaries in the neighborhood since summer came around. There has been random salesman in the area going door-to-door asking people if they need a new roof but he is really scoping homes out and trying to get you outside so somebody could sneak in your house or see if you don't answer so they could break in (that's true last Saturday at about 7 in the morning somebody was ringing my doorbell like crazy and asked me if I needed a new roof). It has me thinking, though. A safe is a safe indeed but if a few people had five or six hours to work on getting in it, they might get your stuff, right? I was thinking about bringing most my stuff to my parents house where somebody is always home. They live in a close knit, fancy smancy subdivision, there are always eyes watching for strangers, my dad is very watchful and they have an alarm system, I don't, so I feel more comfortable storing them there. Question: I'm wondering though, is it legal to store your firearms somewhere else other than the address on your FOID card? I have never dealt with this before. Would I have to change my address to my parents address to store them there? Even if I did have to, is that even legal since I would not be living there? Could any possible legal trouble be brought onto my parents? I'm not lending them and they would be stored in a safe, if that matters. I Googled around and couldn't find the answer anywhere. Figured I'd try my luck here before calling ISP. I'm just worried because they would be stored somewhere that is technically not my residency. Stored somewhere not matching the address on my FOID. I don't want any legal issues and I don't want to transfer them. Thanks for reading and replying and I look forward to sharing my knowledge on firearms and reading the future topics.
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