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  1. No problem pal . And it took me 2 years to get me foid due to mental hospital stays when I was a kid and than half year to get my ccl due to my instructor giving me the past issues certification that was no longer valid than I got darted by mr dart himself but I broke the dart ✅
  2. Thanks , I hope they give you yours within the 90-120 days time frame . Everybody truly is different some take longer than others.
  3. Hello all I was wondering if any one knew the answer on if we can conceal carry RIP (radically invasive projectile) ammunition or not Thanks in advance
  4. Thank you all for your kind words My Glock 48 has one in the pipe everyday now
  5. Update Went active June 30th Received my card not even a week later on july 6th Stay safe my ccl family !
  6. Hello all I was wondering where the law stands on carrying an ar pistol with a pistol brace in your vehicle. Ive heard plenty of rumors About pistol ammo being the only ammo you can carry . Ive not seen anywhere on isp or online that explains this issue. I just want to be 100% Certain before I bring out my micro Draco to play 🥳 Thanks
  7. @bubbacs Thank you , didn’t know about the batch process Figures Illinois would try to save any penny they can
  8. Hello all. I applied for my ccl on 12-13-2020 I was under board review until June 19 my status went from under review to under board review Turns out I got darted for my juvenile past arrest and I found out the reasons when I checked the portal june 22 . I responded to the board with a heart felt response on June 23rd And became active June 30 finally!!!! Now my question is, what is the average time to receive the actual card in the mail now a days ? Thank you Im advance 🙂
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