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  1. Hey all, recently completed a FOID application, and should have researched beforehand, as Im seen by my family doctor for anxiety. Long story short, I should have answered no down the application. I have completed the inadvertent yes answer form to appeal as I dont fall into the criteria for disqualification/denial. However, Ive read this can be a long process. My question is, my wife and I have been considering a move to Florida. Does this denial affect my 2nd amendment rights to purchase/carry in other states? I appreciate any feedback from those who are knowledgeable on this topic. Thanks!
  2. Hey all, hopefully you can provide some insight to a couple of questions. I am a veteran, honorably discharged. I have had no run-ins with law enforcement aside from a speeding ticket. I applied for my FOID earlier this month (June), and within less than two weeks it came back as denied?? Im baffled. Apparently ISP mails a letter advising why they came to this conclusion. Any idea how long this takes to receive? What I believe happened is a miscommunication of one of two things. First as you are aware, upon completion of the application there is the question, Within the past 5 years (preceding the date of this application), have you been a patient in a mental institution or any part of a medical facility for the treatment of mental illness?. I answered yes to this question as I have been diagnosed with anxiety and PTSD. However, I have never been ordered by the courts, or otherwise been institutionalized for mental impairment. Since anxiety and PTSD fall under the category of a mental illness, I am seen monthly by my family doctor. I am not mentally unstable, nor do I pose a threat. Second, I realized after looking into this further, that my address in the FOID application does not match the address on my IL drivers license, I understand this will cause a denial. My question is, what the next steps? I have logged into and updated my address on the Secretary of States website, but will this require an appeal as its in a denied status? If so, whats the timeline and steps to resolve this? I believe if it had to do with my medical history, somebody could have reached out, so that I may clarify that its my primary care physician providing treatment. I look forward to any feedback on the this, and apologize for the long post. Thank you.
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