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  1. Lol Congratulations.. I applied the same month and year and still waiting....
  2. I hear you, this waiting process is killer, I applied in March of this year, 6months exactly as of today....This is pure bull. Illinois needs to get their stuff together on this one, clear violation of citizen rights....I have done two inquiries and nothing from anyone, not even the congressman for this state
  3. I applied in March 2021, on the 70day mark ..I put two inquiries, no word from them yet...This is crazy never thought background checks could take so long... Status still says "under review"...why do they give you a FOID# if you're status still says that?...Guess they like playing with people's emotions.
  4. Yea, I made an inquiry also about 2 weeks ago, still yet to here anything back from them.
  5. After how many days is it unconstitutional to keep one of these applications under review?...Just reading some of these, 4months to a year?! Absolutely unacceptable...hoping the bill passes so people who are allowed to carry/buy a gun, don't have to worry about buying a card to express a right given to us.
  6. I applied March/2021 currently "under review" for 56 days now....I know I'll be waiting just looking at some of these posts. Lol
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