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  1. So this is typical of the address change, until they start processing those I guess anyone who has any other action pending is SOL?
  2. Well, it at least makes me feel like I'm not alone, so thank you. I'm sorry you're dealing with it as well.
  3. I submitted an address change 9/26/20 to buy a weapon, 10/2/20 submitted CCL application, it's now over 200 days. Both FOID and CCL are still saying under review. I'm almost certain I screwed myself with the address change and now it'll be a year or more before I see any movement, but wondering about similar experiences. Of course I can't get anywhere with the phone tree they set up, and I have sent 4 emails over the days but no response. I'm half venting and half want at least some info or explanation. Any insight? Thanks, everyone.
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