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  1. My concealed carry license got accepted today and I'm now active! It only took 2 months!
  2. Yeah the apply is under the status for me too. The status still says "Under review" for me
  3. My CCL application has been under review for about 2 months now. I've checked the status everyday, the thing is i checked it today and something new popped up. Now it says "Apply" Edit name/address. Report lost/stolen/destroyed. These options were never there until today. Does this mean I've been approved? It just doesn't say active yet.
  4. Yeah youre right i definitely should have i just listened to my instructor. I did update it 2 days ago when i was rejected and my application is now pending so hopefully I'm ok. But the question is will they validate that through my state ID? Because i haven't had an updated state ID in years. It's been invalid for over a year.
  5. I moved before i even applied for my CCL my current drivers license has an old address when i applied for my CCL about 3 months ago it asked for a current address which i put in. Thing is i never updated my drivers license address i still reside in Illinois i was told i didn't need to update my address on my DL so i went ahead and applied for my CCL just 2 days ago i checked my application and it said rejected. So after i got that notification i went onto cyberdrive and updated my DL to my current address. The physcial DL still has my old address but its updated online. I was able to get my FOID no problem without having to update my DL
  6. Oh I'm sorry im new here i didn't know how it worked. I was just curious. When i did submit my application my drivers license had an old address. Which after i got rejected i updated to my current. But since my ID isn't valid and expired i would assume they would go under my DL?
  7. So i have a question i got rejected because my ID didn't match my address. Do they look at your State ID or Drivers license? Because my ID got lost years ago and it's no longer VALID although i did just update my drivers license to my current address (which had my old address on so that's why i assume i got rejected)
  8. Just correct the address again. Just be sure to triple check your entries to be sure they match your official state ID. There is no penalty. You are neither the first or last person to screw up a couple of times. So i assume i'll have to wait for them to review and and they'll give me the option to "fix it" ? I updated my current address on the cyber drive Illinois page, i haven't got a physical copy of the updated drivers license do i need to do that as well ?
  9. Is there a limit to how many times you get "Rejected" for your CCL on the ispfsb page. I got rejected due to my address not matching my ID so i had the option to "fix it" which i did and unfortunately made another address error. My status is back to pending but I'm not sure they will issue my license do to my error. So my question is will i have another chance to fix the address issue?
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