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  1. Is this a first time application or renewal? First time - application. As of today my wife's FOID is active on the site.
  2. My wife's application is the same day. ISPFSB lists a FOID number on her page but is still "Under Review". I constantly see other applications after hers (and yours) being approved, so it makes me think someone took the apps from that week home to work on and lost them
  3. Active yet?Still under review! Must be something about that week in June for applicants; my wife applied June 23 and is still under review with a FOID number listed. No help from state rep or senator either beyond "we know it's happening and we're sorry".
  4. You should receive a new FOID with matching number. How long has it been? Each card comes in a separate mailing. Thank you. It did indeed show up in the mail yesterday, so 8 days after the CCL. I did not have any issues using my old FOID for that week.
  5. Quick question: I received my CCL but did not receive a new FOID with matching number. The isp site shows my FOID number matching my CCL. Is this going to be a problem?
  6. The day has finally come: Original CCL Applied: 09-12-20 (NO prints) Active: 02-03-21 (145 days) Will now patiently await the card. Ironically my wife is at 225 days for a FOID.
  7. At this point I guess I am going to have to call and sit on hold all day to check on my wife's. All of these applications approved after hers makes me think someone took it home to "work from home" and left it there.
  8. What does this number appearing mean? Checked on my wife’s application today and it still shows as under review but the number is now on the right side.
  9. Is this a first time application or renewal? First time - application.
  10. Well I mean if you wanted the fastest time possible why not submit with prints? I’m not concerned with the fastest time possible, just frustrating that the times are not consistent between applications with the same information. I have purchased guns since applying for my CCL with no extra delays, so it’s not like my name is common or hanging things up compared to others. Like others have said, applicants with prints from July and September are going active at the same time, so it’s not like that helps either. Maybe ISP is just drawing these out of a hat.
  11. Submitted without prints 09/12/2020 Still under review. I think it's the most frustrating when you see applicants submitting after you go active before you, but that's what we get in this magnificent land.
  12. My wife's application went in 6/23/2020 and is still under review. No response from an email to ISP or from my state rep.
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