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  1. Checked tonight and it is finally approved! Now I just need to wait fir the card in the mail! 177 days! Jeeze!,
  2. I am now 177 days for new CCL. Originally without prints but added them a couple weeks ago. Still under review.
  3. Wow, it took ISP almost 5 months to tell you they don't like your picture? I am now worried about my pic because I took it with my phone and the lighting wasn't the best. I thought they needed something to compare with the pic on the drivers license. it’s quite frustrating. Checked again just now and still under review.
  4. The sad thing about this is, they don't inform you about it in anyway other than the portal. So if you are not logging in say each month or every 2 weeks then you will never know like you just found out. the picture could have been rejected in August and you might have had a card by now. Just be sure to check your portals guys n gals regularly...... I generally check every couple days or so. So, it wasn’t sitting long like that. But still, here is what you need. If it meets what they want, it should just put it to rest, not sit and fester again for months. Wouldn’t make sense to do that.
  5. Applied without prints 7-26-20. Checked yesterday to find rejected as they didn’t like my picture. Uploaded a new one right away. Reeeeaaalllyyy hoping to not have to wait several more months.
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