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  1. For what it's worth, I looked at the list back when this pile-o-dung was first signed by The Fat One because I may or may not have such an item. I also may or may not have purchased one of those scary black plastic Archangel stocks for it quite a number of years ago. MY INTERPRETATION at the time was that if the metal bits remain in the original wooden stock, it's not on the list of "named" items. If however I was to put the metal bits into the scary black plastic stock for purposes of, oh, I don't know, posing on social media platforms looking all big and bad, it IS on the list. Waddacluster. I agree with the other guys - my interpretation means precisely squat when in front of a judge. For now, my plan is to enjoy the reality that I, like most, live within an hour of a free state and have arrangements to locate any scary items or accessories out of state - not such a stretch as I do all shooting of such items heck and gone from this place. Of course, I also buy my ammo, gas, etc. when I'm on the other side of the line - Law(s) of Unintended Consequences and all. Democrats be dam(n)ed. Now, is that scary black plastic Archangel stock a banned accessory, subject to confiscation..er..registration if I have nothing to put in it? Hmmm?!?
  2. "...pointing a gun at his teacher, and killing her." Even when the feeeelings are on their side, they have to embellish. My younger son had a Crickett. It's black, it's plastic (it's scary?) and it's in my safe...because he lives in upstate New York so I can't even take it to him for his son. Waddacountry we've become.
  3. I think that the point of all of this is that we are ignoring the elephant in the room: The Democrats in power do not give a furry rat's butt about facts, stats, or the constitution (in that order). It's about feelings. I watched the live feeds; There were thousands of witness slips opposing - dismissed out of hand, something about confusion. There were several valiant attempts by Republicans (I particularly enjoyed the discourse about 50BMG and why it was included....) Then, there was one cell phone recording of a 5 year old kid wailing 'what's happening?' and BAM, quick as that, there was no way that facts and statistics mattered a lick - the fix was in. Have you ever been in a gathering where there were lactating women in attendance when ONE of their babies starts crying to be fed? They all start leaking. Same thing. Speaking of the live feeds, does anyone know how they would have reacted at that parade, bravado aside? I know what I'd like to think I would do, and what I train to do, but in reality would I look for an open manhole cover? Hide behind my wife? Duck into a store? Run?...One thing I'm pretty G*d D@mn certain I would NOT do is pull out my trusty freekin' phone to record a scared little kid!! We're amateurs at this stuff! I got my first FOID card when they started in 1968 as a 16 year old. As it applies to firearms of any description, Am I better off than I was 4 55 years ago? Citizens be d@mned, the legislators know what is best for you. I recall a management "training" seminar years back where I first heard the phrase "Perception is Reality". Well, RP just publicly underscored the perception that we're all angry old white guys. I'm with lilguy - we're losing.
  4. As a form of protest.... Acknowledging that I am but a "casual" trap shooter, I'd like to see the state owned (sounds just like the USSR, doesn't it?!?) World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta revert to vacant property. Better still, farm land. But first, force the state to pick up every lead pellet and every clay chip. Boycott Sparta.
  5. Yeahbut.. Flowers calls the white libs out for doing what makes them 'feel good', not doing what might help on the west and south sides of Chiraq. Won't keep her from voting for it, but interesting none-the-less.
  6. Interesting that the operator muted the applause following Mr. Windhorst's testimony. The hands were moving, but the sound didn't happen...
  7. Sorry Steve, I thought that said it all. There's not a chance in...anywhere...that this thing is not coming at us full bore. And there's also no chance that it will reduce the bad stuff...anywhere. Do these mommies really think that someone who is willing to kill gives a furry rat's but(t) about anything in this or any other law?
  8. One of the Chicago news readers mentioned '... magazines in excess of 15 rounds...'. Anybody else hear that? (It was before the 15th round of voting for Speaker, so I don't think that 15 was necessarily on his mind.) Kind of reminds my of the 'we'll have to pass it before we can read it' O'Bama healthcare bill...
  9. Ha!! By pure coincidence, I've got three (different) mag blocks sitting in a "cart" there...waiting for Sunday evening. I'm not optimistic, but like the man said "Hope springs eternal"
  10. Done! Funny how I've heard from GAT Guns, Beloit Rifle Club, and obviously here calling for Witness Slips. ISRA? Bueller? Crickets....
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