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  1. I would NEVER give that place business, I was in the middle of a worker's comp claim and my company's comp carrier paid one of their doctors to dispute my doctor's testimony. My Dr is from Midwest Orthopedics at Rush (who is consistently ranked in the top 10 best orthos in the country) and was not paid for his testimony he was my treating physician. Turns out this guy has a good side gig going being a paid "expert" in workers comp cases but only for the defense. Complete scumbag.
  2. This whole state is Fubar. I love going to.Cabelas in Hammond a half hour from me and watching someone walk out with whatever they want in 30 minutes, if they're busy
  3. Even though as of recent, times seem to have been getting better, whatever date you sent in the application, add 292 days, and wait until that date. This seems to be the average. My cousin has been waiting since September 10th.My father in law has been waiting since July 24th
  4. That application is not identical to what I filled out when initially applying or reporting it stolen. There was more wording to the question online. Your application would definitely be a clear no. It's a clear no regardless, it's a state form, marijuana medical or recreational are legal here. Like Nancy Reagan said, just say no. Pretty sure this is what she was referring to.
  5. This here. The question on the FOID app is "Are you addicted to narcotics". If you have a medical card I assume you have a valid reason to use and are not addicted so your answer should be no. Marijuana is on the schedule 1 list, the same as heroin. Hydrocodone is considered schedule 2, if I hurt my back and am given Hydrocodone am I addicted to narcotics? Hardly. Now if you go to purchase a gun from an FFL you have to fill out a 4473 and the wording is something like are you a user or addicted to any unlawful drugs then it gives a disclaimer that marijuana is against fed law no matter what your state saws etc. I personally wouldn't touch an 4473 in your situation, but for your appeal your defense should be "I misclicked yes instead of no" not I'm just marijuana user, you don't want to be the test case lol.
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