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  1. I think calling is hit or miss for getting beyond qc_verified, although YMMV. I originally called and got pushed to qc_verified back in August and was told in September that I was at the last step for the background check (squeeky clean record). That said, there's a number of stories of people moving forward at an amazing pace.
  2. New FOID Applied 7/7/2020 QC verified 8/8/2020 New CCL Applied 9/7/2020 Foid re-QC verified 9/11/2020 Originally applied for a new FOID card on 7/7 and was QC verified about a month later. Submitted a new CCL application on 9/7 and noticed that doing that reset my FOID application back to "Submitted" from QC verified. Contacted ISP and spoke with a friendly woman who informed me that she had seen this sort of thing happen in the past and that indeed the submission of my CCL application had reset my FOID application. She re-QC verified my FOID application while I was on the phone with her but was unsure if that would extend the delay any further. Fast forward another month and I am still showing QC verified status with no news from anyone. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!
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