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  1. A buddy went active 04/20/2021 and still has not received the license in the mail. Anything that he should do?
  2. Honestly, it can be quick or slow. My friend went under board review in August and just went active last month. I went Under Board Review back in August as well and responded in January. It is really random to be honest. Good luck!
  3. Hello Guys, So, I have been reading/hearing mixed things from different people and have even called the State Police to ask for a clear answer, however I cannot find a clear answer on this topic. I know that the laws are broad and there is so much to say about what is legal and what is not, so I was wondering if anyone knows the rules to having an AR Pistol in a Bag, loaded in a vehicle, with a CCL. I have heard that you are allowed to in the state except for Chicago due to local ordinances as they do not recognize AR PIstols as Pistols. Does anyone have a clear answer to what we can/cannot do? So, the questions is, can we leave an AR Pistol that meets all the qualifications to be recognized as a pistol our vehicles as long as it is hidden from the public view? Furthermore, the State Police said you'd have to be able to conceal it to be able to carry it with you, and so I would argue that leaving at trench coat in the car with the weapon validates that purpose as it is concealable with the coat. I emailed a lawyer about this questions, but I also wanted to ask on here to see if anyone does have a clear answer as I only found a few topics that pertain to this question. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, Just wanted to give an update to a previous post I made about finally getting to respond to my objection for my CCL. So, I went with the lawyer route through Mr. Fred Nickl. He posts here often and if you are able to afford and have doubts about your ability to respond to the board, I highly recommend going this route. The Board Reviewed my response yesterday and voted to, thankfully, overrule the unfair objection. Today I went active. here is my timeline: Applied on 06/04/2020 with Prints Under Board Review on 08/25/2020 Was given the reasons to my objection on 01/19/2021 Contacted Mr. Nickl and had everything done within the 15 days Overruled yesterday and went "Under Review" Today on 02/09/2021, I went Active Waiting now to receive that card. I have seen that many people waited longer than me to get their objections submitted and allowed to respond and it shows that this state truly has so much work to get done to provide for its citizens. I do not know what that entails. Remember to constantly check your page if you are Under Board Review as the Board never sent me a letter saying why the Police Department submitted an objection (which in my opinion violates my rights). I got a letter dated 1/25/21 mailed on 1/29/21 and received it on 2/1/21 saying they needed another 30 days. Imagine if I never checked the site... I would have been screwed. All in all, have patience. Easier said than done, I feel super lucky and am very grateful to have been in a position to be able to have Mr. Nickl as a lawyer in this process. I hope everyone with the qualifications is able to receive this license. May you all have a blessed evening and a blessed year!
  5. Didn’t we have members who were under board review get approved within those months?
  6. I know the Mods consistently say check the portal every few days when you go Under Board Review and man am I happy I did. The State Website, finally, on 1/19 told me the reasons I was objected and by which police department. By the craziest of coincidences, I received a letter in the mail on 2/1/2021 dated 1/25/2021 and was mailed out 1/29/2021 stating that the board needed another 30 days to review. If I did not check the Portal every few days, I would have never noticed that they finally gave me the opportunity to respond... I would have been completely blindsided. Just a reminder.
  7. Applied for CCL on June 4th Went Under Board Review August 28th (arrested for speeding - 30 over) Still Waiting. Probably going to wait a long time. Anyone apply this year and still Under Board Review? Anybody apply this year, went Under Board Review, then got over ruled or asked for a statement?
  8. I have a quick question if you don't mind. Did you apply July of this year or last year? Thanks. It was July of this year. From reading other's experience, sounds like I'm lucky. Wow, thats amazing... I hope they do mine sooner than later. I had applied in the beginning of June and live in Cook County as well.
  9. I have a quick question if you don't mind. Did you apply July of this year or last year? Thanks.
  10. Applied June 4 2020 Went "Under Board Review" August 25 2020 Was due to a Class B Misdemeanor Arrest I had this year (Yes, Class B Speeding Misdemeanors are now arrestable offenses). Never had a problem with the law in my life other than that and never been convicted and even that case was dismissed based on the officer's incompetence. Today is now October 18 2020. Waiting as patiently as I can. 136 days later! Also, I was told that I would receive a letter every month in regards to extending the "Board Review" process. However, I have not received any after the initial one. The initial one also never stated what I was reported for. Not sure if that matters. No appeal letter request listed on the ISPFSB site either. If anyone is in the same boat or has been please let me know! Good luck everyone !!!
  11. Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum and a relatively new gun owner. I applied for my conceal carry on June 4th and after almost 3 months I received a letter saying I was under a board review due to an objection submitted by a police department. I live in Cook County in a Suburb and was arrested 3 weeks after I applied for speeding and has the ticket was dismissed not even a month later. I was reading up on what Molly was saying about if after 3 months of extension from the state, there would be something I could do. Not sure if I misread, but if someone could correct me. So far after reading and watching videos, I wish I was more patient and got that arrest expunged. Any advice? Thanks. -Majd
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