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  1. They open at 8:30. Mine was a new application, but I called at about 8:27am, by the time I got to the option of talking to someone, it was 8:30. I waited for just a few seconds to a minute after that and got right through.
  2. (217) 782-7980. Pretty sure that was the number I had to call. Directly off their site. I figured out after calling in a time or two and not being able to talk to anyone that they open at 8:30 am. So call about 3 minutes before that. Tell the system you are calling about a foid, that you don't know the application number, and that you need to talk to a person. By the time you wait through all the menus, it should have taken you 2 or 3 minutes and you should be getting to talk to someone as they open. On the subject of not having a gun, I was raised around them, and had a shotgun when I was 7 or 8. I'm no expert but I'm not a stranger to them. My wife and I were married almost 14 years before making the decision to get one, mainly due to unrest etc. I wish I hadn't waited that long. A tip that was explained to me by a former gun dealer that is no longer in business in Illinois. Get your foid also if you don't have it so you don't run afoul of the state police in any way. Also, it's probably a good idea after that for you to go to a range with her at least a few times so you can learn about whatever weapon will be in your home, that you know how to use it in case you ever need to etc. Personally I hope I never need to use a gun in self defense. I don't want to hurt or especially not kill people ever. That being said, if people are going to try to hurt my wife or myself, I will do what I have to. But I hope that I'm never put into that position. In your case though, even though you should learn at least a little about it, if you've not been around guns, it's good to have a healthy respect for them.
  3. 20 week? Ouch. I must have been very blessed that day then. The guy gave me a line about it could take longer but it was still active by like 6pm. What time of day did you call? They open at 8:30 so I called about 3 minutes before they opened and waited maybe 1 or 2 minutes tops. But I did have the experience prior to that of waiting on hold just to be hung up on when they closed after waiting on hold for a while.
  4. See my posts above. I applied June 2 and had the card around middle of July.
  5. I'm sorry I should have clarified. I can purchase ammunition out of state. Firearms when I asked, because I have multiple gun shops within about 20 minutes drive from work since I work over there, they told me for hand guns, they can sell, but it must be sent to an FFL in my local area. The last place I was in looking for ammunition, the guy said they used to be able to sell you a long gun if you were from Illinois(it came up while I was asking him about purchasing 9mm Luger). But he said due to new rules with the foid, they can't even sell long guns to someone from Illinois. So what I should have said was..... You cannot buy a firearm out of state without transferring it to an FFL (at least not legally that I know of). Ammunition, they don't care.
  6. If out of state does not require it you can purchase. I have in Missouri.
  7. Helps to have 2 Yorkies as well. They aren't big of course, but they are very happy and let us know any time people are around.
  8. I grew up around guns and didn't want to give the state all my information. We live in Illinois but work in St Louis. In early June when places were talking about defunding police and I saw things on the news about people being attacked in the street, that's when I got the view that we may have to defend ourselves and finished my foid ASAP. I will say we seem to have a peaceful small town. People actually protested in our town, others were ready to run protestors out of town from what I heard, the protestors got a lot of hand signals from locals. So hoping people in our town stay civilized. Personally I've got at least my handgun and have some ammunition and more coming, so if things do happen at least my wife and I should be protected.
  9. I applied June 2 and got mine the middle of this month. What you want to do is call the call center at about 8:26 or 8:27 am. They open at 8:30. By the time you listen to all the prompts it will likely be 8:30. Tell the system you are calling about a foid, and tell it you do not know your application number. I think it has your press 3 to talk to someone. Make sure you are doing this right at 8:30. Doing this method I was able to reach someone in a minute or two. My card went active later that day. I can't say this will work for everyone, but that worked for me. Just do it after the 30 days. When they tried to say they really had more time, I just played dumb and said that the site said 30 days and I just was checking, and that I'd never owned a gun in Illinois before, which I hadn't. This is for the previous posted. I've put in here before about that, but hopefully it helps the last person. Also, good luck finding a gun and ammo as the guns seem scarce, ammunition more so I think.
  10. Might be. I think they said had something like 42,000 applications in a 2 week period. To put in perspective, I think they said that the same time last year they only had 7000.
  11. When I called, I used the option that I was calling about a foid, pretended not to know the app number and I think it was option 3 to talk to someone. When I talked to someone, I played dumb and said that the website said 30 days and that I was just checking because I'd never owned a gun in Illinois before. But I was being truthful as I had not owned a gun in this state before. I am going with that I was blessed to get it and that the officer probably just processed it since my file was pulled since they'd have to do it at some point anyway.
  12. In my experience, my card went active late afternoon of July 9. I'd called pretty much as soon as they opened that day and must have been one of the first callers. But it went from under review to active somewhere before 6 or 6:30.
  13. At the time I was sitting at "under review". So I'm guessing that since the guy pulled my info maybe they just processed it since they would have to at some point. I heard on the radio that around that time they had 42,000 apps in 2 weeks. I pretty much played dumb and was like the website said 30 days and I've never owned a gun in Illinois before, which I haven't. Maybe the officer took pity on me lol. My personal feeling is that the foid cards should be ruled unconstitutional. But with recent unrest.... I guess it's the world we live in now. I think what got to me was when there were protests in our town of about 10,000 down state. Thankfully it was peaceful, but I'd also seen on the news where people in nyc and other places were being attacked. I hope that I would never have to use a gun on another human being. As I'm a peaceful person. If I can avoid that level of conflict I will. But the way the world is today.....
  14. I think it was 1 1 then 3. In other words call in, pretend you have no internet, and that you don't know your app number. If you call 3 or 4 minutes before they open at 8:30, by the time you listen to their prompts, it should be 8:30.
  15. Just to update. Applied June 2, active July 9, card in hand 7/20/20. But as I said the morning of July 9, I called about 3 minutes before 8:30 and was probably one of the first people in line when they opened. By the end of that day the card showed active. Now time to shop and then go for ccl. I did hear of 1 person who's been waiting since September.
  16. If you call, they open at 8:30am. Call at 8:26 or 8:27am. By the time you wait through the menus it should be 8:30 and you should be one of the first people in line. Doing that, I was only on hold for a minute or so.
  17. Well, what I did was to call at 8:27 on July 9 and played dumb that I've never owned a gun in Illinois before, which I really haven't. I'm wondering since the rep had my file pulled if they just went ahead and processed it.
  18. How long does it take to actually get the card in the mail? I applied on June 2, and it said it went active on July 9, but I've not yet received the card. Hopefully in the next week as I'm ready to shop. I do notice I went to check my status again and the site appears to be down?
  19. On the mask, my wife said someone on Facebook called corporate and they were given a reference number and told they could not make them wear the masks. Heard that information second hand but if you feel strongly about that....
  20. To you guys who are vets, thank you very very much for your service to our country. It reminds me some of my grandpa who passed away nearly 20 years ago now. He was in the 101st airborne and was transferred into the 82nd, and fought nazis in ww2. Definitely a lot of respect for you guys.
  21. We live in Illinois, but are in the metro way (Illinois side, but St Louis orbit). The CA over there is widely criticized. We've considered moving to Missouri before since we work over there, but even with higher taxes, our area is very conservative and safe, as well as supportive of the local PD.
  22. Also, when I was trying to call to get status of my new FOID, I discovered they open at 8:30 AM. In other words, at 8:27 or 8:28 AM, call in so you go through their menus. When 8:30 rolls around, hit the representative option. Using that I probably was speaking to someone within 1-2 minutes of being on hold. But if you call during the middle of the day....good luck.
  23. So new here as of today. Had a shotgun when I was 7 or 8. Been raised around them, but since I've been married to my wife for the last almost 14 years, we never had a gun in the house. However all the recent events prompted me to apply for my FOID. Which I think having to apply for one of those is ridiculous to begin with. I can't remember North Carolina or Ohio where I lived before being married ever requiring such a card. Anyway, I applied on June 2nd, website shows me as Active as of yesterday. Don't know if this prompted anything, but I called into their system at about 8:27am and waited in the menus until 8:30 and was able to speak to someone almost right away. My question is, and I think I know the answer from briefly poking around, the time from the card going active until actually receiving the physical card is probably about 1-2 weeks? The other question. It shows my card as issued 7/9/2020. The expiration is listed as Covid-19. I read about FOIDs being extended to a year after the emergency orders lifted. So I'm asking is my card going to be good for 10 years as normal, or will I potentially have to renew say in a year or two? Once I get my FOID, I guess the next thing is to go shopping. Been perusing around Rural King and Buds Gun Shop online also, and seeing a lot of stuff sold out. Thinking I would like to get a 9mm perhaps with the cost of ammunition. But I'm new to handguns. Anyone got any suggestions for the 300ish dollar range? A little more isn't going to kill me. But want mainly to get something reliable that I don't have to fight. Also, I am considering getting a CCL. Just have to figure out, my wife and I work at the same place in Missouri, which as I understand is constitutional carry. But does that apply to someone who has a CCL in Illinois? Glad to be able to be a part and to learn more.
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