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  1. In other words, what people have said for years. People who are going to do things have no regard for laws, and laws probably would not have stopped the shooter from getting a gun as they would have likely gotten one from the street. Interestingly if you look up about 3d printed guns, I saw something on youtube once, and apparently people have competitions with 3d printed guns. I'd be willing to guess if they ever banned guns that a cottage industry would spring up, and people who are criminals would be able to access them still.
  2. Update on my first time app. I’d applied on September 21. Checked this morning and now I show that it was printed on January 18. Just waiting on the mailman now I guess. Didn’t submit prints.
  3. I haven’t been waiting that long for my first time application. Mom and dad live in Ohio and said it took them about a week to get their permit. They just had to be fingerprinted and pick it up from the sheriff.
  4. Update on mine today, first time application. I originally applied 9/21 last year. My status went to Under Review, but now says my submission successfully completed the background review and has been sent to await printing. So hopefully sometime in the next 30 days.
  5. I’m down state, but my local range I think they charge 25 to install new sights.
  6. So I actually got an email this afternoon stating my status had changed. The status is still Under Review, but now the other part says "We have completed our initial review of your submission and have determined that all necessary items are present. Your application has been moved to the background review queue."
  7. I applied on September 21, mine says the same as the guy above. First time application.
  8. I paid 11 for my foid, then 150 for my ccw class, then 153 to the state for applying for ccl(haven’t been approved yet). But you figure, 311 bucks plus the price of firearms, say 250-300 each for decent budget handguns, plus ammunition. So probably close to $1000 just to do that and probably have their gun rights taken away for life, or at least a long time, and probably a long time to get them back if they ever can.
  9. I was listening to the radio on the way to work today, and they were talking about this, the NRA I guess is involved and said they are going to argue that the way NY's process is clearly violates the 2nd Amendment. So their argument from what I remember was going to be that they need to rule in favor of allowing people the right to bear arms, because otherwise, if you don't uphold the one amendment, then basically you'd weaken the other amendments as well. Can't remember the exact wording, but it seemed to be to that effect.
  10. Whenever I've gone to buy, I've had instant approval. A friend of mine however seems to always get delayed by a few days.
  11. I say don't go looking for trouble. In that situation, call the cops and let them do their thing. Now if the guy is about to kill the lady, maybe you think differently there? Not related to this story, I know I drive in St. Louis traffic a bit, and ppl pass you with no signals, cut ppl off etc. I just set my cruise and go along, if I see where someone is acting weird, I just try to stay away from them. In other words, I just try to keep my nose clean and stay away from people that would do me harm. I don't have a ccw yet, so obviously packing isn't an option, but even if I did, my inclination is that using a ccw weapon is only a last resort where I'm potentially cornered and have no other option, or my family is in danger. I hope that I NEVER EVER have to use that ccw once I get one, but again, it would be only a last resort, seems to be the safest bet all around. For example, that story above, what if the husband had snapped and picked up the guy's gun? That story could have potentially become a triple homicide.
  12. Submitted a new app today. Already had an active foid, so we’ll see how long it takes. Only thing I can see is my wife took my pic and it was more of a shot of abdomen upwards as opposed to shoulders and head only, so hopefully they don’t fuss much over that.
  13. https://ammoseek.com/ Basically a search engine for ammo. I’ve seen prices recently around 18.25 per box. Keep in mind it is going to route you to different retailers, this is basically kind of like a search engine.
  14. Listening to the radio this morning, I think the judge’s opinion was 84 or 94 pages. The guest they had on seemed pretty sure this will land in the Supreme Court. I guess there was another case in Maryland that was similar and went the other way, so they seem to think the Supreme Court will need to decide it.
  15. Heard today however that they are to remove the ban within 30 days. Probably they won’t do that until day 29 or 30.
  16. And for goodness sake, when you aren’t shooting, keep your finger off the trigger unless you know for a FACT that the gun is clear of live rounds and you have double checked by being sure you can’t see a round in the chamber.
  17. Personally, I know some folks who are black, fine people. I believe if you are white, black, whatever color, you have all the rights in the US Constitution. However, I was taught that my rights end where your nose begins. In other words, you have the right to protest and say what you wish, but not to hurry or threaten others. I think black gun owners have the same rights we do, and I think there should be more of them. It would not be a bad idea for all of us to get more training for safety though.
  18. Found the link again. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/05/armed-black-supremacists-tulsa-will-come-time-will-kill-everything-white-sight-video/
  19. By the way, please note, I didn’t intend to imply that all African Americans are racist or feel the way I described above. I imagine some people have extreme beliefs just like people who are kkk members who are white for example.
  20. I saw something claiming one of the guys at the rally supposedly was claiming the time would come when they would kill anything white that moved. I’m all for everyone having access to the 2nd amendment. However, don’t threaten people. My opinion, they need to remember the thousands and thousands of men on the union side from the civil war who died so they could have a chance for freedom. I’m no better than anyone in the least, but my family and I have had to work for what we have. I know what it’s like to have to work extra to make ends meet because I’ve been there. I will say however, I can see how people who feel like they don’t have much would feel like the system is against them. Sometimes in this country it does feel like politicians do whatever they want, and that people who are rich keep getting richer, and that for the common people to get ahead is harder. I’m not one of those people but if I’m trying to see both sides I could see why people feel that way. However, if I look back, most of my issues including financially were a result of my own mistakes. It seems like instead of taking responsibility these days people want to point fingers at others instead of taking care of their own house. The promise of America isn’t that you will succeed, it is that you are given a chance to succeed. People forget that sometimes.
  21. Ah, thanks for pointing it out. But to the person above, I think this was the us Supreme Court. Feel free to close this thread.
  22. https://m.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/supreme-court-unanimously-rebuffs-biden-administration-on-warrantless-searches-for-handguns_3818753.html?fbclid=IwAR0u4ACEQ_2cgpVxNhns65jQXJlpF5mHcdemxE3HzeNMjZO5CwNJhu-4Q8M?v=ul
  23. In other news.... https://www.wandtv.com/news/il-judges-case-ruling-calls-state-foid-card-law-unconstitutional/article_d73455ee-a793-11eb-a39c-eb6822b610fe.html
  24. Even if Biden didn't step down, lets face it, are we really expecting that? But if the states fix their election systems, and republicans get the house and maybe even the senate back, but even just the house, they could trip Biden/Harris up until they got out of office.
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