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  1. Getting closer to this prediction, unfortunately. Today it’s a crisis. Incremental steps towards suddenly finding a need to declare an “emergency” https://capitolfax.com/2021/11/01/pritzker-issues-gun-violence-eo-pledges-250-million-over-three-years-for-reimagine-public-safety-plan-including-100-million-from-next-state-budget/
  2. After reading the report, two other things are worth pointing out: 1) After Pritzker and company took over at the beginning of 2019, the number of firearms analysts for FOID was REDUCED from 26 to 23. So all of the talking points that they’ve been working since the beginning to hire more analysts is apparently a lie. Because statistics don’t lie. 2) At the beginning of 2019, the statutory time that they were given to process renewals more than doubled, from 30 days to 60 business days. Yet, their timeliness decreased significantly. For a reason why, see (1) above, and the previous points made in previous posts about added burdens and responsibilities in 2019. It seems obvious there was little to no real concern from this administration until the situation became so bad they were forced to do something. “We began hiring in March of 2020”. That’s admitting that they ignored the staffing problem (that got worse, not better, after Pritzker arrived) for over a year. Will they be called out for that?
  3. Bingo. The tools are there to fix the backlog without changing the law, they just didn’t do it. But now want to claim that the new law was somehow the panacea to fix everything. As the other thread about the audit pointed out, the agency was processing around 90% of applications on time in 2018. that included almost a full year and over 100,000 renewals. A continued increase can explain some of the decline in 2019, but not all of it. Their big solution in 2019 to foid and ccl problems, knowing more renewals were coming, was to spend time and energy trying to increase fees, and pile more work onto the agency with the redundant dealer licensing law. And we should be shocked it got worse in 2020?
  4. Two other things happened in 2019 vs 2018: A change in Governor, and enactment of a new dealer licensing law. If you think those two things didn’t have an impact on processing times, then I have a nice bridge to sell you.
  5. What are the numbers compared to what they were before the 2020 disaster? Are they actually down, or are they taking credit for fixing a problem they created? I’m guessing the answer to that is something they don’t want to admit.
  6. The Court gets this one right. Had Cook County’s interpretation, and the crazy Appellate Court decision, won out, it would’ve essentially been the end of felony relief. Which would’ve been an absurdity. Even the State knew this.
  7. This is a hypothetical map created by a National political person, and doesn’t come from the State legislature. Nobody outside of maybe a few have seen any actual proposed map yet. The only thing almost certain right now is that it will be drawn in a way that makes sure the loss of the congressional seat will come from a current Republican’s district.
  8. Pictures of your card on your phone are not sufficient. By law you have to be in possession of the actual card. The electronic FOID card would fix this (through an app, still not just a picture). Its been proposed and stalled for a handful of years now, never passed, and unfortunately was attached to HB562 this year.so if it passes this year so does a lot of other bad stuff. Whether an out of State officer would know this is unknown. The question you have to ask yourself is do you want to take that risk
  9. This strategy of negotiating to less terrible glosses over some very big problems with all of this: 1) Their negotiating has now, very publicly, reset the benchmark at the Statehouse of what gun groups are willing to live with. Theres zero turning back from that without major turnover in both the executive branch and legislative branch. Which is now even tougher to do now that youve given cover to some Dems to say they voted with the ISRA for reasonable gun laws 2) All of the good things in the bill couldve, shouldve, and have been been previously introduced as stand alone legislation to fix the backlog. In fact the pressure to improve the process was strong enough that they probably couldve passed. And if they didnt, it only helps the lawsuits. 3) A grand scheme that ultimately relies on the United States Supreme Court is about as trustworthy as basing your retirement plan on a handful of lottery tickets. Theres absolutely zero guarantee the Court even takes the case, much less issues you a winning decision. Odds are, by a lot, that they never even grant Cert.
  10. That appears to be factions of Ds screwing with each other. The pro-Modernization Ds pulled Fix-the-FOID back from passage, so now the pro-Fix-the-FOID Ds pulled Modernization back from passage. The ISRA was still irrelevant. I think it goes beyond that.My concern is something I alluded to earlier in this thread in relation to the procedural holds. I'm not going to detail things in public but, if this goes as I fear it could, then ISRA has been played to a degree that was not immediately apparent. Yep.
  11. It is not his job to represent Illinois voters. His is an unelected position to head a private group devoted to gun rights.This.
  12. If you’re not fighting for what’s right, you’re just making excuses for what you know is wrong. Nothing about this will prevent them from pushing for further legislation mandating fingerprints. Nothing. Pritzker and ISP Director are on record as supporting manadating and increased fees. News articles are going to still going to be published about how “this doesn’t go far enough.” ISP will come back wanting more money “to enforce what we just passed”, and they will only need 60 votes next Spring to make some or all of that happen. And Pearson will look like a fool, after giving some Republicans cover, or so he thinks, to vote for something that gets the Mom Demands of the world one step closer to what they really want. They’re not done.
  13. Yep. ISRA might attempt to justify this by saying “There are good things in this bill that some Republicans introduced before.” That might be true. You can offer me a gourmet plate of the finest foods around, but if it’s garnished with a bit of raw sewage detrimental to my health I’m not going to eat it. They apparently have no issue with eating a crap sandwich.
  14. I find it a bit ironic that 1092 follows a bill that ISRA signed off on as a compromise (/s) in 562… The original red flag law was also a compromise
  15. They're allowing only 3 members to speak in opposition. I think Mr Wheeler said "possibly in support" so he can speak as the 4th member against.Based on his questions and debate, I’m not sure about that
  16. I think Hoffman twists Federal law and gets it wrong. Federal law actually requires destruction of approvals after a short period of time. Denials are held longer.
  17. After May 31 a bill can still pass with a simple majority, but can’t become effective until summer of the following year. If it gets 71 votes after May 31, it can become effective immediately
  18. If it isn’t called, my guess would be the pro gun control Reps were not going to vote for it (as hinted at in Committee),and they were short on votes for an immediate effective date. But, we’ll seeSo if they can't get 100% of what they want, they won't accept 95% of it for free. I guess it takes the Moms to make the ISRA look good in this.Logistically speaking, if they can’t get 71 today, it wouldn’t be effective until next summer. So, from their point of view it might be preferrable to make another run at *their* bill through next Spring. In terms of timing, it wouldn’t matter if they pass a bill next Spring with an immediate effective date. We’ll see.
  19. If it isn’t called, my guess would be the pro gun control Reps were not going to vote for it (as hinted at in Committee), and they were short on votes for an immediate effective date. But, we’ll see
  20. One would think they would be done after this. But, you never know
  21. And, make no mistake, Pritzker and Kelly absolutely want mandatory fingerprints and private transactions through FFLs. Heck they were pushing for $50/5 year cards just two years ago. Theyre building to that, and will be back. Neither are friends of gun owners or gun rights, no matter how many flowers people want to throw at their feet now for hard work (/s) and compromise (/s). They have just simply chosen a path of incrementalism instead of all at once. Death by a thousand cuts.
  22. Guzzardi gave no guarantee that he’ll vote yes on the floor. As I said earlier, this bill will not placate gun control groups or prevent the “rest of the bad” from being pushed through next Spring. The ISRA is being played like an out of tune fiddle.
  23. I’m wondering if she might actually vote against this bill?
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