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  1. Applied 1/27/2020 Active 8/7/2020 Card in hand 8/12/2020 Seeing how I waited for a Foid Renewal that expired 3/1/2020 and got renewed 7/29/2020 after a phone call... Two ways to look at it, 198 days or 14 days... Would not be right of me to not Thank Molly, might still be waiting... THANK YOU MOLLY B!!!
  2. Renewal went active 7/28/2020, 220 days. Now on to the CCL that is at 184 days already. I had help, Thanks Molly!
  3. The FOID address change will be processed first and then the CCL so the CCL, as you have already noticed, will not be issued in the 90/120 day time frame. Sending a private message. Ok so sending a FOID renewal 12/19 for expiring 3/20 that has not been renewed as yet.. My new CCL application sent 1/20 will sit and wait for the FOID renewal to become active and the clock begins then for the CCL?
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