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  1. THat's the crux of it. The employer can make it a facet of employment. But, it does appear their posted signs do not hold the force of law (i.e. arrest) behind them. Now, is it actually a stated employment policy? Or did the space rented come with the signs? Sounds like they put up the signs back when CC was allowed, and I'm not sure if they got the owner's permission for it. I wouldn't be surprised if they got permission, or if they didn't, that they easily could. There is no written policy, its just that the signs are up there.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I did not mean to go MIA. The whole owners thing seems like a legal grey area thats not worth risking employment over.
  3. Management, we dont have customers coming to the office. We are a tech firm.
  4. They rent the property in a bigger building. The building doesnt restrict conceal carry, it has tenants and renters. There are surely firearms on the property. This is just an office inside the building with the conceal carry signs posted. If those signs didnt have the force of law, I wouldn't be asking the question.
  5. A big reason they had was liability. Is there any recourse to this?
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