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  1. Thanks for the responses. So I was able to login online and confirm that my foid is indeed active. According to the website it shows my foif as being issued the same date that I got my CCL. However I am confident that I never received a second foid card. I tried calling 48 times that first day and approx 20 the next. Sounds like I will just need to continue the calling until I get lucky. Again thanks for the input, appreciate it all.
  2. Hello, My name is Jordan I am new here, excited to have found this resource . I have a situation currently but I am wanting to run past you guys see if you have ever heard of something like this . I currently have a Foid valid until 2023 and a CCL valid until April of 2020. Just this week I purchased a few new handguns only to have the FFL call the next day and say that there was a problem with my FOID. He says that when he runs it it comes back expired . I have not purchased a gun in over five years so I can't speak to Not having any other issues previously. I have tried contacting the FSB but that seems nearly impossible. I registered online hoping to see the status of my Foid, but it says my registration is pending review currently . This makes me wonder if there is an issue as I know other people who have signed up for the online and we're good to go instantly . The FFL said that he thought I should have been issued another FOID card when I got my CCL but I am pretty confident that I never received such a thing . Sorry for the drawn out story just wanted to get all the facts that I could out . Has anybody ever dealt with a similar situation or have any ideas as to what I could have going ? Seems I'm kinda dead in the water until I am somehow able to make contact in Springfield. Appreciate any ideas or response. Jordan
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