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  1. FOID renewal button. 10/11/2019 Showed Under Review-submitted til 01/11/2020 Showed APPROVED 01/12/2020 Showed ACTIVE 01/15/2020 Im my hand 01/18/2020
  2. I donated back in Dec and once this month. Unfortunately I didn’t think about the CC charges. Next one will be a check. ‍♂️
  3. I have no idea what is right or wrong with this inspect element. I right click on the status and reads QC verified approved. The span reads Submitted under review. My head is spinning. I will post the outcome whatever happens. Thanks everyone for your help.
  4. mine which is not approved says <span class="APPROVED">Under Review</span> , can you post your code? you can search it under div of myFOID Beat me to the span class edit. Approved should be approved but it will still say under review until active. It should go to ACTIVE when printed and mailed. They do not print daily. Then it has to be batched, sorted and delivered to USPS. Holidays probably slow things down too. Most seem to receive in 1 to 2 weeks but I think they say to allow 3 to 4 for delivery. ok, I looked at span class. I no doubt was probably looking at the wrong thing. Here it is. <span class=SUBMITTED>Under Review/span> ==$0
  5. I unfortunately do not know or figured out how to load a pic on here. This is what it reads 5 min ago. .SUBMITTED,QC_VERIFIED, APPROVED {
  6. I might be mistaken but from what ive read renewals take forever, average 90 days? have you tried contacting any of your local representatives to see if they can get a move on it? No I’m have not. I do not know what local representatives would be willing to actually tackle this. I have been going by the rules I read after I renewed online. They have 60 WORKING days to fulfill my renewal or do whatever else they will do if they don’t. According to what it read, my FOID is valid until I hear otherwise. I did that element check on the sight. It reads QC VERIFIED APPROVED. That has been there for a long time. I guess I’m in the waiting game pool.
  7. Applied for renewal on 10/11/2019. Still under review. Expires on 01/01/2020
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