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  1. I recently moved and updated my address with the isp. The poll tax added up to around 80 dollars. I received the foid in only 6 days but it was defective. The laminated security layer is skewed and makes the whole thing look fake. The letter it comes on clearly says I should call 217-782-7980 for "corrections". I tried this and went down many automated rabbit holes only to find no option related to this issue or any way to talk to a human. It actually hung up on me for trying to many times. Is this kind of disfigured foid going to cause me grief to no end or is this not a big deal? (Obviously still waiting on my ccl to see if that's mangled as well)
  2. Unfortunately, we aren't the crowd that needs or would be surprised by this. If only there was a profession that involved bringing truth and information to the masses.
  3. I believe Gat lists a higher blue label price than ray oherron. Also I agree that because of the handle, if it won't be a conceal only, go for the 17/45/19x.
  4. While I understand what your getting at, I disagree. Police are not the only people that are allowed to help their fellow Americans. This person saved others because they acted. I stop to help people all the time and can't fault this hero for their choice to help. At least with the current understanding of events.
  5. Applied 21Oct19 no prints Illinois took my money within 60 seconds 113 days with zero information besides "under review" Funny how a 30 sec background check and 30 day objection period adds up to quite a bit more than 30 days. Like the rest of you, I am appalled at these shameful, purposeful, and political delays.
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