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  1. The state will take the entire amount of time they legally can plus more. They will take your money on day one. Paying for rights has never been so slow.
  2. Anyone else notice the blatant bias in news feeds on this topic? A judge writes a well thought injunction explaining why the case likely will fail...nothing to see hear. The US supreme court doesn't take up a case because it hasn't run its course yet...all gun bans are legitimized!
  3. The lamination was very messed up on mine and it looks like a forgery. I tried getting in touch with the isp about it with no success. In the end I still use it. All the ranges/ffls and I just laugh at how bad illinois is at basic tasks.
  4. Being a productive member of society always seems to get in the way of attending anything. Maybe I can find my own way to support an honest sheriff when the Illinois single party system assaults him come election season.
  5. https://cwbchicago.com/2022/12/breaking-illinois-supreme-court-puts-end-of-cash-bail-on-hold-until-further-notice.html
  6. Having the law on your side in the long term is of little comfort to us who have no money for lawyers to convince corrupt officials to follow said law in the short term. Having a legal ccw confiscated or court costs to fight some silly towns "not based on the law" ordinance would be financially not available to all but a select few.
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