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  1. Here is a screenshot from Reddit regarding Optics Planet.
  2. Also Optics Planet is infamous for it's terrible track record. Even though they may technically ship to Chicago, they are known to receive payment for orders for ammo they claim to have in stock, only to NEVER ship the item. They'll email you with delay notices for months and months on end, Reddit is full of horror stories. I feel they should just be taken off the list. They're a bait trap.
  3. Lost Causes: Surplusammo.com 2ammo.com (Only ships to FFL for Cook County residents).
  4. Midway might as well just be moved to the lost cause list, as they refuse to ship a variety of calibers due to being misinformed.
  5. Oh ok. That's weird, when I emailed them I got a response saying that they did.
  6. Good To Go: wbarmory.com Lost Cause: gunrunusa.com lowestammo.com ammofast.com
  7. You've had a successful ammo shipment specifically to Chicago? This site is currently on the "lost cause" list on page 1.
  8. BigTexOutdoors, Brownells, BoneFrogGunClub (on the list btw), Bud's Gun Shop, TopGunSupply, AmmoSupplyWareHouse ship 15 Rd mags to Chicago. Don't know about more than 15 tho.
  9. www.ammofreedom.com is a lost-cause. www.midwayusa.com doesn't even allow you to place an order for 9mm, .357 mag, and certain other handgun calibers I forget. Might as well take them off the list and become a lost-cause.
  10. Applied: 08/11/2021 Active: 09/17/2021 I mailed in a letter on 09/14/21 according to instructions by Molly B, requesting a hearing due to ISP exceeding the 30 day deadline by law. I'm sure that expedited my application.
  11. How does one go about sending a letter to the ISP director, regarding delayed FOID wait time? Is it a pen and paper type thing, or should it be typed? What info needs to be given? I pretty much need the basics. Thanks.
  12. Lost Causes: Recoilgunworks.com Sharkcoasttactical.com Outdoorlimited.com
  13. Good To Go: Trueshotgunclub.com Lost Causes: Weaponspro.com Canoeclubusa.com Buckinghorseoutpost.com Ammo.com Alamoammo.com
  14. Thanks. I'm prob gonna do all 3, just to be extra proactive. Is there like an average time of e-mailing the director that people see results? Like for example, on average 1 week after sending in letter to the isp director, people go active? Or no?
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