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  1. BigTexOutdoors, Brownells, BoneFrogGunClub (on the list btw), Bud's Gun Shop, TopGunSupply, AmmoSupplyWareHouse ship 15 Rd mags to Chicago. Don't know about more than 15 tho.
  2. www.ammofreedom.com is a lost-cause. www.midwayusa.com doesn't even allow you to place an order for 9mm, .357 mag, and certain other handgun calibers I forget. Might as well take them off the list and become a lost-cause.
  3. Applied: 08/11/2021 Active: 09/17/2021 I mailed in a letter on 09/14/21 according to instructions by Molly B, requesting a hearing due to ISP exceeding the 30 day deadline by law. I'm sure that expedited my application.
  4. How does one go about sending a letter to the ISP director, regarding delayed FOID wait time? Is it a pen and paper type thing, or should it be typed? What info needs to be given? I pretty much need the basics. Thanks.
  5. Lost Causes: Recoilgunworks.com Sharkcoasttactical.com Outdoorlimited.com
  6. Good To Go: Trueshotgunclub.com Lost Causes: Weaponspro.com Canoeclubusa.com Buckinghorseoutpost.com Ammo.com Alamoammo.com
  7. Thanks. I'm prob gonna do all 3, just to be extra proactive. Is there like an average time of e-mailing the director that people see results? Like for example, on average 1 week after sending in letter to the isp director, people go active? Or no?
  8. So regarding new FOID applications, which should by law be processed in 30 days, after that deadline is reached, what seems to be the most effective option for potentially expediting it? So far I know... ) Having Molly send in an inquiry (not sure the specifics of what that entails). ) Sending a letter to the ISP director (I learned this from Molly a few comments previous in this same post). ) Contacting state-rep. Anything else I'm missing? I'm gonna be at 30 days soon, so once day 31 hits, I wanna get the ball rolling as far as whatever I can do.
  9. Thanks. Would this hurt in anyways once I contact her about the FOID delay?
  10. Starting this as a thread for FOID wait times, new applications only. No renewals or address changes, as they are usually much longer on average. Maybe this can be pinned?
  11. Isn't the NICS a federal check? So even tho a deferred adjudication would disqualify me for a CCL in Texas specifically, I would still be good in IL? The deferred adjudication I received is not a disqualifier in IL. So I should be good? Or is it some rule along the lines of "Since I was charged in Texas, if I'm prohibited for a CCL in Texas, I'm also prohibited in Illinois"? I don't think so, but maybe I'm wrong. I'm thinking I'm good for a CCL, as long as ISP doesn't consider the online drug course I took as treatment.
  12. Yes, I saw the situation regarding certain entities being able to still see a sealed record a while back in my research. I still plan to do it,but don't know if it will help regarding specifically the ISP background check. In Texas, deferred adjudication can't be expunct (expunged in IL verbiage), only sealed (order of non-disclosure). So I don't think I can fully expunge it, I will definitely double check tho.
  13. Yes, but it's not expunged or sealed. It's still in my records will still pop up on background checks. For CCL purposes in Texas, deferred adjudication counts as a conviction. If I get it sealed, I THINK I read it won't count as a conviction in the eyes of Texas, and I would be able to get a Texas CCL then. But I'm in Chicago now. I plan to get it sealed before I apply for ccl anyways.
  14. What if the crime I was charged with would prohibit me from a CCL in that state (Texas), but not in Illinois? It was a Class B misdemeanor, which is a disqualifier in Texas, but not in Illinois for CCL.
  15. So do you have past experience of people completing a similar program like the one I did, and still being denied by ISP and have to file an appeal? Or would you say I'm most likely to go through smoothly? I know it should go through, but from experience, will it? Is something like this known to cause a hitch? This would be the only thing that could cause a rejection for my CCL app.
  16. If renewals are being processed at that speed, what about new FOID apps? I just submitted mine 6 days ago.
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