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  1. Wolf Creek, I am trying to clarify. Did you get an invoice from ISP for $1,000.00, when you appealed in 2017?
  2. Has anyone else received an invoice from the ISP Appeal Board, after an appeal?
  3. I am also following. Because, as mentioned before, my CCL seems to be hung-up on something and I have not received or heard anything on its status.
  4. My FOID Card and CCL were revoked due to a fraudulent EOP on 10/21/2019. Judge let the EOP expire 23 days later (November 2019). Faxed and send by certified mail all paperwork: 03/18/2020. FOID Reinstated: 06/21/2020 (Praise The Lord) thanks to Molly. Divorce is still in progress (or lack there of), spouse trying to file Red Flag Law. No mental history of any kind. My legal council had to send a Cease and Desist Letter to opposing legal council. Still have not received a single firearm or ammunition from my life long firearms collection (many of the firearms and ammunition are premarital property marital) stored at the marital home, since being escorted out of our marital home on 10/22/2019; by a ******* County Sheriffs Deputy! CCL Still Revoked with no option to appeal. No criminal history of any kind! Obviously, going on 6 months waiting to get some kind of response concerning for the CCL.
  5. Molly, I would be more than willing to make phone calls in my District. I always participate with the NRA, when they request for member’s to contact their local Representatives. Additionally, many times the NRA will have letters to just fill in my name and address and it’s added to a letter they sent out. If Illinois Carry ever needs a volunteer, I will be happy to assist! Respectfully, Todd Shaw t.shaw1969@yahoo.com
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