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  1. I live and work in Aurora and come into daily contact with a lot of different people. When the subject of politics comes up not a single person knew or thought Irvin was a (R). That says it all.
  2. Took my 18 year old daughter to the range** (again) just this past Tuesday. She’s been shooting since she’s been 8-9. These #@$&%#$! and their like will never get to her. My 25 year old is a Sgt in the USMC, a Master Gunner and a few other areas of responsibility. He is too far gone for them as well. I did something right. ** Off topic, but I have to give a thumbs up to Shoot Point Blank in Naperville. My kid has been shooting there since it’s been open and has always been treated respectfully and always welcomed. Great place to get the kids started.
  3. Looks like the extractor issue is not uncommon as Garand Thumb recently experienced the same issues. Not ready for primetime and bad QC to meet a price point?
  4. Been using Chip McCormick (CMC) magazines for 15+ years. Never an issue. Their Classic magazine is still under $20.
  5. FYI......Natchez Shooters Supply has OEM Glock magazines for $19.99. OEM magazines for under twenty bucks. I should have done this Glock thing a loooooong time ago.
  6. Well. Glock 19 G5 on the way. Only change I will make are new sights to exactly match what my MR920 has. Milt Sparks SS2 has been on my hip for only four days but I am impressed by the lack of bulk and the excellent quality. Three mile fast paced walks and zero irritation. No wait on orders as they are available on their website. I do have a TTGunleather XC Slim on order as I use(d) them for my CZ's. Very comfortable leather, and rides low. Will most likely replace the SS2.
  7. sgammo.com. Never an issue. Great $$$ and very fast shipping.
  8. Been shooting pistols for a long time, 35ish years. Always a metal, hammer fired guy. Smith 1&2 gen, 1911's, CZ's and M9's. No Glocks for me, thnx. Anyway I purchased a "gucci" Glock last week. Shadow Systems MR920. Thought I'd give this platform a try and tired of doing mods. Ready to go as is. Broke her and I in yesterday, and after 300 of ball and 90/115/124/147gr defensive rnds I am convinced I've been wrong. This is a nice gun. I shoot this as well, maybe better than my current, well massaged , carry CZ75 Compact purchased in 2003. WTH? Waiting on my Milt Sparks SS2........ Couple observations. Magpul 19 mags (came with the 920) are crap compared to oem Glock. They work well, just feel cheap. At $11 on sale they are priced right. Can't believe I got Glock oem for $19. The availability of parts for this platform is incredible. Glock forums are hit and miss. Anyone suggest one kinda like 1911Addicts? You know, for grownups? Going to get a Glock Gen5 19 or 17 for HD. Can anyone suggest a good local Glock Blue Label shop? I am in Aurora. Time to start that Poly80 project. Thanks for any insight/info.
  9. I always carry IWB and TT Gunleather makes my holsters. Depending on time of year/situation I will carry a CZ75 Compact, 85 Combat or 2075 Rami. All in the Slim XC model. Very well made, not bulky and as comfortable as carrying a pistol in your pants can be. I also use a Beltman 1.75"belt.
  10. Yeah, thinking I got scammed on the print processing fee.....still waiting. Would not have mattered one bit.
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