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  1. I just rechecked. It shows paid now. Maybe it was slow to update. You fixed with your eyes. Thanks!
  2. Renewal paid on May 6th. Still shows Expired. Anyway thanks for the hard work!
  3. I was told by one of the managers Gander was 3 months ahead in project profitability (plan was 1 year to in black for new store/market). Closed because no RV sales or service. Not because store couldn't produce profits. No other Gander had been 3 months ahead of plan. When store closed I bought a masterbuilt xl pellet smoker for less than $200 (store closing price). Other store had them at $450. It was less than 3 month from lines launch of XL pellet launch.
  4. That is good news. Do you think courts may try to punt, as not have to rule on a second amendment case?
  5. Coke from a can makes it easy to hide the rum. Pro tip use Cruzan Black Cherry Rum (750ml) From St. Croix, United States Virgin Island. Take a drink or a gulp and add rum to can. Low to almost no alcohol smell makes a nice walk about drink for all occasions. Your welcome.
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