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  1. I've read alot about people speaking with ISP over the phone, when i call their number it doesn't appear to have an option to speak to someone anymore. I did call a local ISP station they gave me advice but said i need to speak to FSB for specifics, do they still accept calls? At what point is a good time to enail my local representative and what exactlty should we tell them?
  2. Thanks! Yeah they just emailed me and accepted the appeal.they updated the form so hopefully they can just re-run me through fhe review system. I remember once i did start a new application long after the denial and expiration of the order but itnwas before the update of the system and it kicked me back to my original applocation once i entered my personal info. Perhaps i can reapply on the phone and do a paper applocation in the event that the appeal is unsuccessful but since they took it up i don't see why it would be. I suppose I'll know sooner or later.
  3. Thank you! I will try this. If no luck then is petitioning the court my only alternative?
  4. To clarify, I sent in the first and second page of the appeal only and checked the middle box for relief from prohibitor and the bottom box for reinvestigation of eligibility. Im hoping they will just run my background again and see that it is totally clean?
  5. The appeal process as describe on the ISP website is contradictory in relation to my appeal, so 4 years ago i applied while i had an out of state civil restraining order that explicitly stated I could still bear a firearm in that state. Being A naive 23 yesr old I thought surely that ISP would notice the details of the order and still grant me my foid. Lesson learned, my bad. So now 4 years later i would like to appeal and being that it is a relatively benign matter and I have zero criminal history. the ISP website says i do not need to appeal if the restraining order was only a year in length and has since expired, which is all true in my case but the website won't let me take any action to get my foid. Also I noticed the ISP website says that you have to appeal within 60 days? There doesn't seem to be a clear path with this. If they don't get back with any updates within a year is the next step just to file in the circuit court? Thanks.
  6. hey molly, about 2 years ago I applied for a foid card when i had a bogus OP against me out of Arizona. the Arizona judge said I could posses firearms and I thought that went for Illinois too (oops) so I answered all no's and was denied. I'm, currently appealing it because I got a great job in security and want to move up. I have all the forms dated and signed and I'm waiting on one more letter of recommendation from family and I'm getting it all notarized and mailing it off. I have no criminal record do you think the process will go smoothly? how long on average does it take for non-criminal offense? p.s. you guys all rock for making this sub, happy to see 2A being supported
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