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  1. My presumption is that the hearings will really serve as an attempt to portray the state as concerned and listening to the public. It will make them seem fair in the eyes of the progressive left in the cities. On its face, the time will be waisted on political theater for the benefit of JaBa the Putz and his fellow travelers. It’s also another fund raising opportunity for ISRA who will never let a crisis go to waste when there is a potential to make a buck 

  2. Of all the events that have happened in Springfield over the last several years ISRA has chosen this one to be proactive about? I found it in my inbox this morning and immediately began to wonder why, after years of insubstantial information and fund raising, this legislation is of interest to them. What table are they trying to wangle a seat it this time? 

  3. Sounds like ISP will need another billion or so to hire someone’s brother in law to fix this. No doubt that within 10 years they’ll need to add fees to the registration scheme to shore up all the problems left by the Chinese software bought by the brother in law and to fund the retirement accounts for the party members hired for their skill and computer expertise. Can’t wait until the data stolen. 

  4. On 3/6/2023 at 12:14 PM, TargetCollector said:


    From the discussion in the other thread about this case over in the judicial side, it sounds like the general consensus is that this does not yet do anything to stop enforcement of the law.  In particular, some pretty respected and informed folks (such as Todd V.) say they don't see anything that would change the current status quo until more happens.  I suggest going through that thread as well, but I'd say this sounds like at best we have a bit more waiting to do on this front and at worst, this could even damage our overall prospects.

    Thanks for the broader perspective. I am not an attorney nor a legal scholar so I operate under a simpler idea about the courts. My misunderstanding of all this stems from the knowledge that if I were convicted of a crime in Lake County I’d still be a convicted criminal in Alexander County even if I appealed my conviction. Knowing that, I have difficulty understanding why state government assumes they are immune to the Macon County court order especially when the state agreed to the ruling. But, this now brings to mind another question. Would any LE organization in Illinois enforce a law that has been lawfully adjudicated and found unconstitutional? Even with the hubris shown so frequently by some agencies the litigation coming from that would seem obvious and avoidable.  Thanks for the conversation. 


  5. I just want to advise everyone who may wish to order a gun from RK Guns that the company is stopping anyone with an Illinois zip code from using their online ordering system. I wanted to buy a .22 bolt action rifle today that had been advertised via email, but when I ordered it I was stopped because of my zip code. I then called to order it and was told the order still cannot be filled because I’m in Illinois. Nothing that I said would make any difference. I could only by the gun directly from the store, if they had it, which they did not. Even though all RKG is doing is shipping to a dealer, they still refuse to allow me to order it. I called their corporate office in Mattoon and was told the same thing. Their customer service supervisor was not interested in hearing complaints. After having purchased a number of guns from RKG using their online ordering system I can’t help but be insulted by their current business practice. 

    if you’re thinking about a new gun you’ll have to go to one of their stores to buy it. If they have it. 

  6. It is obvious to everyone that it’s time for a leader change at ISRA. My worry is who will be the replacement. Perhaps the change needs to be deeper than just the top. But, I know of at least one other person who, it appears, has some influence in the organization that I wouldn’t trust. I can only assume there are others. When is the next annual meeting where lowly members might meet and express their dissatisfaction? 

  7. On 1/15/2023 at 3:35 PM, yurimodin said:

    I'm honest enough to see the battlefield for what it is.....this isn't "believe and clap harder or Tinkerbell will die" fairy-tale nonsense.


    Keep in mind now the Dems cannot even have an internal war. Back when the lower end of the party got mad at leadership the Alderman wouldn't run the extra buses in Chicago to get the vote out (how do you think we got Rauner......hint, it was intentional lower turnout on the blue side). Now its all top down and they can just import box stuffers if the locals go rouge.


    I'm not saying give up/don't fight but let’s all at least be honest about how all the pieces are laid out on the chess board at this point in the game.




    It is obvious that our opponents have more resources than we do. We know well that our near constant willingness to compromise has left us weak and uncoordinated. It is obvious that we are reacting to change as opposed to driving it. We’ve known for decades of the machinations of the Illinois left and the lengths that they will go to to usurp our rights and take our money. But we hurt ourselves if we believe that the enemy cannot be stopped, that their advantages are too overwhelming. We hurt our cause and abdicate our civil rights if we melt away because we feel the deck is stacked against us. This is the time for us to coalesce around the protection of our civil rights and challenge any government that fails to protect them. We need to shape the battlefield to our advantage. 

  8. On 1/14/2023 at 9:44 AM, yurimodin said:

    They don't need to worry about what the voting public thinks anymore. They have unattended ballot drop boxes and 5+ ballots being mailed to the right harvestable addresses by "mistake" now

    We can never overcome our adversaries if we believe they’ve already won the fight. Believing they hold an insurmountable advantage only stops people from trying. Look for their weaknesses and use them against them. Do not surrender before the fight starts. 

  9. On 1/13/2023 at 9:33 AM, yurimodin said:

    They don't care about appearing hypocritical anymore......POWER is the ultimate currency in this fiefdom 

    Please let me clarify. It really doesn’t matter if they care about being hypocritical. What matters is how the voting public perceives them. Use their hypocrisy against them and develop a sense of distrust of them in the minds of voters. It is a political tool we can use to destabilize those who oppose the liberty of the common man. Regaining our freedom is going to be slower than many of us think. We need to use every advantage we my find in the long fight ahead of us. Even if a court rules against the state it will take decades to preserve what we might win. This, as it was centuries ago, is a never ending battle. Complacency and compromise got us here, let it never happen again. Shrugging our shoulders and ruminating our laments about what happened won’t get us anywhere. We have an uphill battle ahead of us. Use every tool we have to win. 

  10. The sheriffs haven’t done anything yet. JaBa is reacting to political opposition. He just doesn’t like what they said publicly. To find a reason to go after a sheriff will be difficult. There must be evidence they committed some form of willful malfeasance in office, some form of official misconduct.


    But, supposed a sheriff was deposed by the Governor. What might happen then? Who will  police the county? Who will be in charge?  ISP has limited resources. They can’t seem to enforce speeding on the interstate let alone a county. What deputy would cooperate? Or, would JaBa use the National Guard? What problems might that might cause? The mind boggles at how military enforcement of civil law could be portrayed. 

  11. It will be interesting to see how the Cook County State’s Attorney prosecutes those charged with violations of the law. She doesn’t have a record of record of being very demanding of heavy penalties. My best guess is that her lack of interest will continue and becomes her own form of refusing to prosecute. But, it shall go unreported by media and ignored by the left and JaBa. 

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