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  1. On 4/9/2022 at 10:32 AM, mauserme said:

    To clarify my statement, though, a single bill does not alleviate my personal lack of trust for their lobbying team.  That mistrust was earned over more than a decade of questionable, sometimes full fledged antigun activity, going back to pre-lobbyist days in one individual's case.  

    My distrust is only 2 years old. It’s based on the hyperbole of the leader and the machinations of their lobbyists. Empty rhetoric, slow reactions, and royal assumptions that only they can speak for gun owners. 

  2. Regardless of Madigan, in the views of some as being an even keel of the Socialist Democrat boat, how appropriate is it for Mr. Pearson, supposedly representing the political opposition, to have given any comfort to the opposition? When a political party wants to make its “bones” on the elimination of a person’s civil rights why help him? 

  3. I just read the Thursday missive from the ISRA. From my perspective as an Illinois taxpayer and shooter I find it difficult to support Richard Pearson’s praise for Mike Madigan. Perhaps all those years Pearson has spent in Springpatch has allowed him to warm up to the leftists, but when my liberties and freedom are at stake I cannot praise anyone who seeks my subservience. With statements such as, “Michael Madigan was the best Speaker of the House in any state”, because he intimidated his fellow party members, one must question the quality of leadership of the ISRA. 

  4. On 1/19/2022 at 9:04 AM, mikew said:


    HB2541:  Don't confuse ISRA intent with the inability to click on the right stuff.  Neither Donald J Davis nor Jim Viviano represent ISRA in any capacity other than possibly being members.
    People from both sides make this mistake.

    HB3144:  There you go.
    Is it the worst bill in the world? No.  Is there a burning reason to not oppose it?  fpppppppf.

    Well Mike, it's just the idea ISRA has again decided to be the arbiter of our rights. No discussion, no statement, no authority, just do it so we little people don't have to be bothered with it. The attitude is ripe with aragance. It's hard not to believe that the leadership holds the opinion that they're the grown ups and that we're just children who need their guidance. It's reminds one of Cook County politics. 

  5. The ISRA has abdicated its position as the defender of our civil rights. They pick and choose proposed laws that only they assume are best for us. They do that for hidden, unarticulated reasons and then claim they do it because we, the members, could never understand the problems of Illinois politics. No one selected or elected them to do that. They appear to act only for their own benefit. They have never solicited opinions and have scoffed at those who have tried to contribute ideas. They have created a closed administration for the association and plan to keep it that way. This is the second incident of their usurpation of the member's desires.  It is time for change at the ISRA. 

  6. Just noticed in the winter issue of the Illinois Shooter, delivered to my house today Dec 27th, that ISRA is seeking applicants for the Board of Directors. The application deadline is Dec 31st. Has anyone seen this ad previously? Have I missed it in earlier issues of the shooter? BTW, the same issue carries a notice for the annual meeting in May. I hope members here will attend. 

  7. Has anyone read the latest article in The Illinois Shooter written by David Lombardo? It looks like another, and the latest, coat of paint over the chipped and rusted lament that the members who complain about the ISRA just don't understand how the game it played, can't figure out how the system works. He doesn't like it that members who speak out "ruffle feathers". Apparently the membership is to sit by quietly and never scrutinize the exalted leadership. They're the Big Boys, they know better. You just stay in your place. You are just a bull in a china shop.  Now sit still and shut up. 


    Mr. Lombardo would have served his cause better if he had just let the issue fester and die. The article is insulting. I hope a lot of members read it. This ought to cause even more scrutiny of our "advocate" group and how they make decisions. 

  8. Extending the deadlines simply means the FOID itself is worthless. Eventually, no one will comply with it except when obviously necessary. Every time government, or organizations, make things increasingly difficult, the more people stop complying. It looks as if the FOID card as well as the rest of state government might all grind to a halt some day. 

  9. 2 hours ago, mauserme said:

    That's a complete strawman argument.


    And they still can't see that they've been part of the problem.

    He can’t see it because his ego is in the way. He has assumed the role of leader and arbtrar for everyone without election. Now this leader is feeling heat from his “constituency” for the first time and his reaction is to ridicule those who disagree with him. For someone who claims the right to lead the fight he uses the tactics of the left. He is abrupt when challenged, ignores you if you disagree and then ridicules you if you persist in your perspective. His ego is in the way. 

  10. Does a public copy of the by-laws for ISRA exist? Their organizational rules as well. When is their next member meeting? When does their board meet? How are officers elected and by who? Arent these items supposed to be public? I cant find these things on their website and phone calls seem to be a dead end. Does anyone know how it operates?
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