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  1. I love it when the left causes more confusion by trying to place layer after layer of controls and regulations on things that never needed it. It brings me even more joy when I believe the thing in question is protected from the left by the Constitution. They absolutely hate the idea of one exercising a civil right that they think doesn’t really exist because they don’t like it and can’t comprehend why it exists. They think civil rights are privileges. They live to control the lives of others who they assume are incapable of knowing right from wrong. They are the patrician class. We’ll see on Tuesday how they respond to the rebelliousness of the great unwashed.
  2. Beyond the confusion, I’m impressed that the county sheriff would take the time to address the matter to shooters. He seemed concerned and even gave references to the written document. That’s actually quite rare in Illinois. I hope the initial reporting of this by the ISRA doesn’t leave a bad impression with someone who appears to be interested in wanting us to know what is really happening.
  3. From the tape it sounds as if compliance with police orders have been spotty. How were the “compliance checks” conducted without a search warrant? The infomercial at the end of the presentation on how to denounce your neighbor was interesting. Orwellian, but interesting.
  4. If I read this correctly providing information to ISP is an option currently. It simply removes criminal liability from the record keeping requirement. But, a question, what is the current time that a transfer must be retained? It is not specified in the quote. Also, it looks as if anyone buying any gun from a dealer must retain the transfer information, not just guns transferred from a private party. Laws and and regulations such as this only serve to remind me of the unwillingness of governments to actually suppress crime. But, that would mean governments would have to arrest and prosecute their voting block. Instead they create convoluted and vague regulations that are meant to be enforced on those who are the most compliant. They scream about “gun violence”, whatever that is, and do nothing about actual crime. Government’s deflection from reality and their unwillingness to do anything other than cast blame on those least likely to have anything to do with the problem has become so excessive that real people, who live real lives, will soon ignore their petty rules. And why not? When actual accountability for anything is absent no one will willingly obey. Additionally, we need to remain united as people who are very concerned about a particular civil right and our relationship with government. Being united means that the denigration of those who practice a branch of our passion we don’t appreciate doesn’t mean they are less concerned or even less active in our defense. This practice of denying others in our ranks an equal place because they are different only serves those who want us fractured and complacent.
  5. My distrust is only 2 years old. It’s based on the hyperbole of the leader and the machinations of their lobbyists. Empty rhetoric, slow reactions, and royal assumptions that only they can speak for gun owners.
  6. Thanks again for the alert. Glad we don't have to wait for the ISRA to get the word out.
  7. Regardless of Madigan, in the views of some as being an even keel of the Socialist Democrat boat, how appropriate is it for Mr. Pearson, supposedly representing the political opposition, to have given any comfort to the opposition? When a political party wants to make its “bones” on the elimination of a person’s civil rights why help him?
  8. I just read the Thursday missive from the ISRA. From my perspective as an Illinois taxpayer and shooter I find it difficult to support Richard Pearson’s praise for Mike Madigan. Perhaps all those years Pearson has spent in Springpatch has allowed him to warm up to the leftists, but when my liberties and freedom are at stake I cannot praise anyone who seeks my subservience. With statements such as, “Michael Madigan was the best Speaker of the House in any state”, because he intimidated his fellow party members, one must question the quality of leadership of the ISRA.
  9. Is there a list of when these buy backs will happen? I have a few items I’d like to dispose of.
  10. So what friend of a Socialist Democratic Party member is in the micro stamping business?
  11. Well Mike, it's just the idea ISRA has again decided to be the arbiter of our rights. No discussion, no statement, no authority, just do it so we little people don't have to be bothered with it. The attitude is ripe with aragance. It's hard not to believe that the leadership holds the opinion that they're the grown ups and that we're just children who need their guidance. It's reminds one of Cook County politics.
  12. The ISRA has abdicated its position as the defender of our civil rights. They pick and choose proposed laws that only they assume are best for us. They do that for hidden, unarticulated reasons and then claim they do it because we, the members, could never understand the problems of Illinois politics. No one selected or elected them to do that. They appear to act only for their own benefit. They have never solicited opinions and have scoffed at those who have tried to contribute ideas. They have created a closed administration for the association and plan to keep it that way. This is the second incident of their usurpation of the member's desires. It is time for change at the ISRA.
  13. I found it interesting that two people who stated they represented ISRA showed no position on HB2541 and one on HB3144. I love the slight of hand attempts at ISRA. This is the same imperial behavior they’ve shown last year. I guess we are all just little people who are inept in the ways of politics and need to be force feed their excrement.
  14. Many thanks Mauser for your kind efforts to keep us informed. Without your work we would be blind to the machinations of state government and our “allies”.
  15. Just noticed in the winter issue of the Illinois Shooter, delivered to my house today Dec 27th, that ISRA is seeking applicants for the Board of Directors. The application deadline is Dec 31st. Has anyone seen this ad previously? Have I missed it in earlier issues of the shooter? BTW, the same issue carries a notice for the annual meeting in May. I hope members here will attend.
  16. FYI. David Lombardo will be speaking at the Downers Grove Sportsmen’s Club member’s meeting this Sunday. His stated purpose is to inform the club members about what ISRA does for shooters. Don’t know what else, if anything, will be addressed.
  17. Has anyone read the latest article in The Illinois Shooter written by David Lombardo? It looks like another, and the latest, coat of paint over the chipped and rusted lament that the members who complain about the ISRA just don't understand how the game it played, can't figure out how the system works. He doesn't like it that members who speak out "ruffle feathers". Apparently the membership is to sit by quietly and never scrutinize the exalted leadership. They're the Big Boys, they know better. You just stay in your place. You are just a bull in a china shop. Now sit still and shut up. Mr. Lombardo would have served his cause better if he had just let the issue fester and die. The article is insulting. I hope a lot of members read it. This ought to cause even more scrutiny of our "advocate" group and how they make decisions.
  18. I'm not sure about non-action. I think the ISRA took deliberate actions including shopping around this "neutral" bill, and getting the ISRA membership ready for it as early as March 24 on Facebook and March 25 on the Thursday Bulletin. All leading up to taking a deliberate posture of being "neutral" to help the final bill's passage. This may well be the case, but our best interest lies in changing leadership. If we all leave ISRA they, who made the decision to cooperate, will remain in their positions. We need a strong state organization that will say no to liberal Democrats and RHINOs. The voice of the membership must be heard and recognized. Leadership must be accountable for their actions.
  19. The broader argument concerning state politics and how we arrived where we are today should be without standing in this conversation. The argument at hand is the action not taken by the leadership of the ISRA and the effects that has had on the membership and shooters. Regardless of their assumptions as to “our only choice” their non action has created a void in confidence by members that lessens the political muscle of the organization for the future. I will remain a member of the IRSA, but will criticize them when I believe their actions, or non actions, warrant it. I will continue to contribute money to the ISRA to prevent the state government from any more infringements of our civil right as ISRA can be effective when directed properly. I shall also continue the call for new leadership at the ISRA. The current leaders appear to have assumed proprietorship of the organization. This usually means complacency takes command and assumptions lead decisions. It appears this may have happened in May. The continuing refusal of leadership to address their non action, despite angry criticism, indicates arrogance. Arrogance usually indicates a dismissive attitude, in this case dismissive of membership. All this leads to the need for change. We need new leadership open to ideas and willing to work with everyone for the good of everyone.
  20. Why is the “shotgun expert” suddenly the mouthpiece for ISRA? Why the ultra defense of their neutrality? His ox is gored like the rest of us, but his defense seems willingly blind.
  21. Moving slightly off topic, is anyone aware of the parallel conversation going on at Shotgunworld.com? It seems a gentleman from Plainfield, who touts himself to be a "shotgun expert", has decidedly aligned himself with the ISRA in this matter. It also seems as if something more than just poor logic is directing his commentary.
  22. The argument stands that the ISRA leadership needed to address the situation of 31May through communications with their entire membership. They chose obfuscation instead. The very idea that they only address, what they obviously did, through emails to enquiring members shrieks of the desire to hide the obvious. The attitude that what we are offered is the best we can get is a failure of leadership to remember that they negotiated away a portion of our collective civil right. We need the ISRA, but not it’s current leadership. Who can believe them or have confidence in them after this?
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