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  1. You can own SBRs if you have a C&R license in this state.
  2. Doesn't matter if the police enforce it or not when Kim Foxx wont bother to prosecute.
  3. Which doesn't mean much when the Dems have supermajorites in both chambers.
  4. Mauser, without you posting these Call To Actions in a neat and easy to read format, I wouldn't know where to begin to find these bills, read through them and file a witness slip. You make it easy to spend just a couple minutes filling out slips for a half doesn't bills. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this to make it easy for us!
  5. Because they don't accept unit numbers as individual residential addresses? Units 101, 102, 507, A, B, C etc?
  6. When the prosecution direct questioned Ryan Balch (day 2 of the trial I believe), they had him explain what an FMJ was, even though he wasn't brought in as an expert witness. This implies to me that KR was carrying FMJ, but did not denote whether it was 55gr, 62gr or other. Prosecution seemed to be going for the "overly dangerous ammo" argument because "FMJ can over penetrate vs JHP".
  7. In all my years of advocating for Second Amendment rights some shotgunners are the hardest to reach. If shotguns are all they own, there is a high likelihood that they are a FUDD.
  8. Had the address changed on my FOID because I moved. Applied 1/10/20, received 5/18/20, 4 months, 8 days, or 129 days. The crappy part is I have to renew at the end of 2021, so I get to do this all again soon.
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