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  1. So it looks like in regard to regular carry pistols, anything with a 15 round magazine or less is good to go with no actions required?
  2. No reports about it in Free Illinois. But most people gave up TV a long time ago.
  3. Since all of these provisions have been found unconstitutional and these legislators have declared open sedition and insurrection through violation of rights under color of law against the court and country when should we expect their arrest and detainment by the state attorney general? Call your legislator and demand action so this clear and present danger against our constitutional republic and be dealt with legally and justly.
  4. I want to know which organization has a history of zero tolerance on infringements and has attorneys with the real chops to argue. I want intellectual heavy weights who live and breath human rights and the history and tradition of the 2nd Ammendment. I don't want to sound harsh, but I have never met an attorney that had the intellect to argue his or her way out of wet toilet paper. The bar(pardon the pun) to be an attorney is very low and requires very little skill in sophistry or creative thinking. I hope those exist in the state and I will support any organization that has attorneys that I can speak to personally and be convinced of their acumen.
  5. When asked why I need any particular firearm I like to respond by saying, to prevent gun confiscation so the democrats cab not pass laws to bring back their tradition of slavery, internment, or Jim crow. If someone says there are lots of black democrats I say. Well it was a black African that brought slavery here and fought to have their black slaves imported. It was previously against the law. Why would black democrats not try to enslave black Africans again? That is why I need my firearm. Are you a racist you endorses slavery?
  6. Absolutely, when ever they bring up the number of deaths. Simply say that is not relevant. It is illegal to ban affordable self protecting devices period! Why do you want to make young black inner city single mother criminals for wanting to protect their babies? What kind of sicko are you? Are you planning on passing a law allowing slavery next?
  7. That article misses the mark in so many areas. It does not list the affirmative use of arms to save lives. It also fails the most profound point and is consistent with the outdated 2 step approach. It is not relevant. No matter how you define "affordable self protection devices," Bruin prevent any bans.
  8. https://www.ammoland.com/2022/12/court-vacates-remands-ban-on-sale-of-semi-auto-rifles-to-adults-under-21/#axzz7me7jLSOQ
  9. https://www.ammoland.com/2022/12/court-vacates-remands-ban-on-sale-of-semi-auto-rifles-to-adults-under-21/#axzz7me7jLSOQ
  10. They know it is unconstitutional and they are proceeding with their felonious collusion anyway. You are referencing disputed lower court decisions, many made by radical justices that should have disbarred , impeached or arrested. Those were also policies that were open to reasonable interpretation. These are clearly not. Apples to Oramges comparison. I don't care if there have been cases or not. These legislators and the governor have violated the law and they need to be charged, arrested, tried, if convicted given harsh prison sentences. 20 years with no parole would seen like a good start for a first offense of this type of heinous human right violation.
  11. Mine expired in August and no new card. When I called them they said I won't get a new combined card until my CCL expires and can just use my EFOID on line until 2024.
  12. Impeachment proceeding must be started against any judge that attempts to rule against Bruen. As stated in a previous post the Illinois lawmakers are committing felony conspiracy by knowingly attempting to violate human rights under color of law. This is clear black and white law. They must be charged and arrested by a local sherrif today. Then held without bail because they are in effect committing sedention against the people and the laws of the the United States and thus are a clear and present danger to the citizens of Illinois.
  13. Direction violation of the Illinois Constitution. A local Sherriff need to file charges against all of the legislators and the governor for felony conspiracy to violate rights under the color of law. I am not joking. This needs to be done TODAY. Round them up, jail them and hold without bail. This is a serious violation of human rights and established law. Time for games is done. STATE CONSTITUTIONAL PROVISION "Subject only to the police power, the right of the Individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Section 22, Article I of the Illinois Bill of Rights.* *The Sixth Illinois Constitutional Conventions Committee on Bill of Rights in their official commentary interpreted this provision in 1970 as a guarantee that "a citizen has the right to possess and make reasonable use of arms that law-abiding citizens commonly employ for purposes of recreation of protection of person and property." Any use of the police power, the Committee said, that "attempted to ban all possession or use of such arms, or laws that subjected possession or use of such arms to regulations or taxes so onerous that ail possession or use was effectively banned, would be invalid."
  14. Why don't they file suit against the constitution and all the pesky pre-existing rights that it prohibits the government from infringing upon?
  15. That is a defacto declaration of war on the citizens. The introduction of that legislation demands an immediate federal inquiry and arrest of all the perpetrators for human rights violations. He must be immediately removed from his office as is demanded by all people who commit acts of sedition. He would legally have forfeited his rights as a citizen and could by all legal standards be considered an enemy combatant of the people and delt with by tribunal of the people. That is not a very wise move on his part. I do not and will not advocate violence. However I do advocate the protection of human rights and whatever course of action is required to maintain those rights, is morally and legally justified.
  16. Not even an issue when it was an issue. Almost all small guns have it due to slide speed. But to appease the nervous Nellie's they changed the tip. It was and is a non issue for possibly the best, most accurate, reliable, modular, soft shooting carry platform ever created.
  17. Still no card. Expired in May. New expiration date is CCL expiration date. I don't think we will get the new cards until our CCL expires in 2024 and we renew.
  18. Still no combo card. My hard FOID expired in May, of course the magic card was extended to 2024 with my CCL.
  19. My FOID card has a May 1st 2022 expiration date but online it is listed as the same as my CCL which is June 2024. I am just carrying my CCL with a screen shot showing my FOID is good. This whole FOID thing is ridiculous.
  20. Over a year for my wife, we have gone through our rep and making another contact today.
  21. He is lying through his teeth, my wife's renewal has been in process for over a year since they took the money.
  22. Wife still has not received her renewed FOID, application completed in Feb, luckliy her CCL is still good.
  23. My wife renewed on 1/30/20 stil under review. At least she has her CCP.
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