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  1. I read that, thanks. But it makes zero sense because the law states you have to register "attachments" and "standard (high) capacity ammunition feeding devices," which are magazines. They are just making it up as they go along. What a cluster.
  2. The law is essentially a joke with no enforcement mechanism. If you live in a free county where neither the sherrif or the prosecuter will charge, who cares. That is why Bailey posted his video. He knows Fat Boy and the ISP are impotent because of the jurisdiction issue. They can try to cite you with a misdemeanor that the prosecutor throws out and they can not confiscate the item. It is also not a bailable offense so they can't do squat. Stop falling for or promoting scare tactics to free citizens. Yes you will have to buy magazines and other accessories out of state for now until the law is overturned but until then live free.
  3. The numbers make no sense. Every firearm that is banned had to be sold with a standard capacity magazine. Even pistols that are not banned often came with 2 to 4 standard capacty magazines. The accessories number should at least 4xs the firearms number. This tells me people are registering firearms that don't need to be registered giving an artificially high number of firearms. Or the ISP is lying, which is part of their job.
  4. This is why he has my vote. Bost is a poser and a gun grabber.
  5. My wife spoke to the Sheriff yesterday and he stated they have no intention of violating peoples constitutional rights and none of police or district ISP have any plans to do so either. He said if any of the items "moved out of state" happen to show back up instate nothing will be done about it around here.
  6. Bost is a clown and a RINO. He is all talk. Bailey is a doer. Bost a poser. He won't repond to inquiries he has not filed any articles of impeachment. He funded the new FBI Building. Vote Bailey. While Bist sat on his Bailey actually fought against Fat Boys mandates. Bailey has a record and is proven winner. Bost acts like a snake, I do not trust him at all.
  7. Tell that lake county DA that being an illegal alien is against the law and they are subject to arrest for a wide variety of crimes. Since he can pick and chose which laws he wants to enforce, we can chose which laws we wish to follow. It is the democrat way. I wonder if he is closely working with the feds to arrest all the illegal pot shop operators and users in his county for violation of federal narcotics laws? Plus, "I have relocated and or destroyed all my items that may be restricted and no longer have them in my possession if I ever had them at all"
  8. That video is a good reminder that any officer that participates in illegal unjust activities is a tyrant.
  9. These are not judges. They are marxist puppet criminals. We the people demand they be arrested and held for violation of rights under color of law, conspiracy to deprive rights, abuse of human rights, if anyone is injured or killed because of a lack of access to Arms in common use, they must be tried for manslaughter for material contribution. Any officer of government who participates in this abuse in any manner must be arrested and charged. This includes all state level politicians, governor, attorney general, members of the state police etc. The democrats have set the standard so we have no choice but to unleash the full prosecutorial force after the next election. In the meantime impeachment proceedings MUST BE INITIATED AGAINST THESE JUDGES. Our constitution demands these criminals be punsihed in a substantial and meaningful way to make an example to all tyrants that these abuses will not be tolerated.
  10. Someone had a guy who knew a guy who got an email. There is nothing on the ISP site so..... what does "completed" or "finalized" even mean in this context. There has been no guidance issued to FFLs and all the ones I have spoken with have been advised by counsel that if the background check came back before 4pm on Thursday the transaction is allowed due to precident set by the state allowing and approving such sales during the TRO and the injuction. It would be a violation of federal law to act otherwise and ex-post facto enforcement.
  11. Wow, finally read the entire ruling. What a complete and utter smack down of the NAZICRATS.
  12. Truth about guns says get out there and buy that the law is null and void and unenforceable so....... potato potato https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/state-judge-issues-order-blocking-enforcement-of-illinois-firearms-ban-act-statewide/
  13. https://www.ammoland.com/2022/12/court-vacates-remands-ban-on-sale-of-semi-auto-rifles-to-adults-under-21/#axzz7me7jLSOQ
  14. Why don't they file suit against the constitution and all the pesky pre-existing rights that it prohibits the government from infringing upon?
  15. Still no card. Expired in May. New expiration date is CCL expiration date. I don't think we will get the new cards until our CCL expires in 2024 and we renew.
  16. Still no combo card. My hard FOID expired in May, of course the magic card was extended to 2024 with my CCL.
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