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  1. According to the letter I got when I received my FOID it says under the FOID card act that my rights were restored and would not be contrary to federal law.
  2. I was granted relief from the ISP because of a prohibitor. I met all the qualifications for my firearm rights to be restored through the state. I also believe that the FOID card is a joke and we shouldn’t need it. But my question is if the Supreme Court in Illinois or the US Supreme Court nullifies the FOID would I then be able to not own my firearms? And also there is no path Federally to get relief. Schumer blocked the funding years ago for the ATF to grant this. And no Senator even with the Republicans in control of both houses ever revisited the funding issue that could resolve this. Any experts with any idea as to where that would leave people like me? I have my Gubernatorial Clemency petition on the Governors desk. So I’m trying that path also. But that could be YEARS to say the least if ever even looked at.
  3. Just got my new FOID in the mail today. I noticed on my card next to my FOID # there is another sequence on numbers that start with an AL. My wife doesn’t have this on her card. And I cannot find any info online about it Any ideas?
  4. I wish there was a “mailed” spot to show when it was mailed. All we can go by is the “printed” date. Then wait and hope there were no printer issues. I do see a FOID number issued to me though.
  5. I keep checking the status of my recent FOID card issue. It has said PRINTED since February 24th. I understand it’s only been about a week since that date. And still nothing in the mail. I know they are slow but I can mail something to my mother in Florida and in 2-3 days she has it. I don’t know what the hold up is but it’s ridiculous to say the least.
  6. My only concern is that when my new FOID expires and I go to renew, could a new director deny me or the FSB choose not to renew it. And would I have to start at square 1 all over again? And could obtaining a CCL be an issue? Thoughts?
  7. It’s been almost 2 years. But looks like with some help from people here, my state Senators & Representatives and my attorney I am FINALLY getting issued my FOID. I’ll upload the letter I received from ISP. Don’t give up. Be persistent and you will prevail. 60 days cannot come soon enough.
  8. I have been waiting over a year. Did ask for an administrative hearing and faxed my appeal docs along with the original mailing. Also have contacted my state representatives and senator. Along with emails and such....nothing. Only got 1 response from them saying it’s in review and first come first served. Glad you got results. I am thinking it was a coincidence as a lot of us are still waiting for a response. I wish they would just deny me formally so I could go to court. Once again congratulations
  9. Glad you gotten good results. I hired a lawyer for my appeal and sent in a request for an administrative review, also contacted my state Representative and Senator....nothing to date as of yet. Been a year and a few days with no results or updates. ISP did respond to me once via e-mail saying applications are looked over on a 1st come 1st served basis (see earlier post in this thread)...which to me is a bunch of crap because others that have had their applications in for some time have had theirs overlooked as others with shorter times have been approved. I check the ISP FOID website weekly to see the status on my account.....still says DENIED. I've said this before and keep saying it....there needs to be an amendment to the current law as to address appeals in a timely manner also. And I only have 1 non violent charge on my record form 21 years ago.....
  10. We’re you granted a Parson “WITH” restoration of firearm rights? I know on the petition for clemency that the Governor can approve or deny your firearm restoration rights. Even if you’re granted a pardon I believe that they have to say yes or no. Maybe this is your issue. Might want to look your paperwork over. Hope this helps.
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