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  1. Just a thought.I went through this in 2013.Did you read all the paperwork when you signed into the facility ?Do you have copies of what you signed?Sounds like your doctor or the facility sent in a report.Just like everything else in life.If you dont read "ALL" the fine print it will come back to you.I was only in(my choice) for 4 days and got my notice of foid revocation two days later.There seem to be people on a quest to get foid cards.I wish you the best,but I personally spent thousands & went every route possible trying to get my foid returned.I never got anywhere.I moved out of state in 2020.Maybe things have changed,I dont know.After being a "good scout" all my life,serving 6 years in the Marines(13 months in the nam) and never having any problems with the law.You can imagine how I felt about the state doing this to me.If I am right.Illinois and Hawaii are the only to states that go to this extreme with mental issues.Good luck !
  2. The comments saying that legally,pritzker & his people cant do this or cant do that.Wake up people.That was good info last year.If anyone believes that the present governmant in Illinois or The USA will stop at anything to do whatever they want.Is forgetting that this is quickly transforming into a socialist communist country.The people showed their colors when they rolled over on the virus.Emperor Pritzker knows he has the people by the short hairs
  3. Mauserme. Yea I get a lot of that.You know whats going on in Illinois,give people the truth.not some pie in the sky.I know retired police officers that can't get their FOID renewed.Your chances of getting a FOID with the word "mental" even mentioned cancels you out.Unless you are "connected"I know of several "connected" people,with "history" that would keep them from obtaining a FOID.But they know the right people.times over to make excuses for the most corrupt state in america.Its easy to sit there & say "Oh your wrong" Ive done going on 4 years of research on this.Now with the new administration.Party over.
  4. I waited 5 years did "EVERYTHING".That was 2018.Never heard a word from ISP.spent the big bucks,the whole 9 yards.save your money,move!!!! you will never get a FOID.put this away & read in 5 years.tell me im wrong
  5. wolfcreek

    9mm Ammo

    ammunition depot ( does not ship to chicago) 250 rounds 124 grain+JHP $450.00 (Guess it depends how bad you want it).lots of 9mm in large amounts 223 wolf 55grain $20 for 20 rounds also lot of 223 & 556 in large amounts.Again,depends on how bad you need it.Ive always had good luck with them & they ship fast.Remember ! stopping mail order ammo is on Bidens list of things to do.
  6. Oh no, don't worry.It will become more and more ridiculous.Never underestimate Illinois.I remember all the positive comments in regards to ISP efforts a few years ago.With the incoming administration.Things should get interesting in Illinois.1933 Germany
  7. Illinois........Just keeps gittin better and better don't it folks ! Illinois state motto.Play ball with us folks,and we will shove the bat up you a__
  8. Save this for the distant future & remember.After everyone poopoo's me.You will never be issued a foid card in the state of Illinois.Just trying to save you a bunch of money Also.........there is a scam going on where you go through this big evaluation by a qualified (?) doctor.Give him say,$1000.00.He tells you "You will have your foid in 90 days".Is that 90 days,months or years ?. The system is rigged (or broken).Illinois has a special club,and your not in it. Me neither
  9. Welcome to the club.I also did an appeal in 2017.All I received was a bill for $1000.00 for my "professional" evaluation.It is said to take 6 months to a year. "REALLY ?" Say hello to Jabba for me. Alias "TUB O GUTS
  10. I guess according to the above notice.foid & ccl in Illinois will be good forever! Since we all know that Illinois will be a Disaster forever.
  11. Just curious.What do you honestly.And I say again "Honestly" feel the chances are.Considering first.The current administration in Illinois,and second.The current atmosphere in some states regarding firearms.We all know that the 100,000 some gangbangers in chicago arent going to turn in there guns.They are the problem,but we pay the price.Where is the logic ? there is none.its just politics.Whats acceptable ? 1 year.2 years 10 years.There are laws.The state breaks the law for whatever reason & its accepted,round and round we go.
  12. Welcome to the world of appeals.Like I said.I did all my research before I attempted an appeal.Went to top people in the state & spent almost a full day getting my evaluation.Whats the answer ? I dont know.Illinois and I believe Hawaii are the only two states that do this when you seek help on your own.Think of the people who really need help in Illinois.Who do not seek it.For fear of getting their foid pulled.Its criminal.When I moved.I went to our local state police district & explained my issues.No foid was needed.They ran my info for me & I came up clean.A month later I had my conceal carry permit.I waited two years after sending in my appeal to get some movement from isp.
  13. Katy : Dont feel defeated.Your just getting info.From people like me.You have to find someone who can really help you.Before you take the plunge ! Get all the necessary forms and do your research.Just dont expect miracles.Maybe someone you know has a connection.Illinois is and has been forever,about connections.Ive met people in Illinois who had no business with a foid,but they had a connection.Like I said.I left Illinois for various reasons,but I did work there and make a good living for almost 50 years.Again,Good Luck......Know your enemy
  14. Katy : I know there are many (most) people on this forum that I am over the top negative on this issue.I believe in telling it like it is.No pie in the sky.You can check out my posts.I went through a similar situation.Went on my own to a hospital for four days in 2013.My card was pulled 3 days after I got home.Ive tried everything & researched this issue since June 2018 when I applied for FOID.Spent $1000.00 on professional evaluation.It went on & on.I have been told by those on the forum that people have recived their foid after the 5 year time was up.No one has come forward to say this.Someone just says "I assure you this is true".If you are some way "Connected" you may make it work.There are many in Illinois who will take your money and tell you. "90 days you will have your foid" Think serious if you really want to put yourself through this.This issue,plus the skyrocketing taxes,crime & other issues.Drove me out of Illinois.After spending a lifetime there.It is corrupt beyond belief.Good luck on whatever you decide
  15. Rule of thumb in Illinois.If your issues happened 30 years ago.It will most likely take 30 years to get your foid.Maybe ! Good Luck !
  16. Whats that sound in the distance ? Thats someone playing "Taps" for the people of Illinois FOID CARD,FOID CARD ? WE DON'T NEED NO STINKING FOID CARD
  17. In Springfield.It's like Sonny said.In a Bronx tail "Nobody Cares" Sonny was right !
  18. Can you say Conspiracy ! Welcome to Illinois.To which they reply "YEA" so what are ya gonna do about it.
  19. Appeal recived & confirmed by ISP. 4 days in hospital in 2013 for depression(went on my own) .496 days today since appeal recived Good Luck.The ISP seems to have two speeds.Slow & Stop
  20. Top this ! FOID appeal.paperwork recived & confirmed by ISP.No movement.nada,zip zero.487 days as of today.
  21. 30 days was a print error.It actually is suppose to say "30 years".Maybe ! If your good and eat all your vegetables.And bow to direction of Springfield.Each day at sunrise.
  22. The reality of the situation in Illinois is.They are pulling out all the stops to get foid cards.Lets be realistic folks.When it's gone,it's gone.There is no pie in the sky.You can do or spend whatever you want,but your foid is gone.Unless you have a really good contact in Springfield.Say JB ?
  23. Those of us living in "Free" pro 2nd amendment states will welcome those of you who wish to move here from anti 2nd amendment states. Just leave your politics where they are.I am under the impression that Washington is not exactly a pro 2nd state.Illinois on the other hand is now been declared a full socalist poice state.Good luck with the foid.Stay in touch with this site for the latest daily changes in the gun laws.If you have any problems call Mr Pritzker for full details.
  24. FYI...………...Went into hospital 4 days on my own for depression 2013.my doctor reported my little trip.2 days later got letter from ISP to turn in FOID.Which I did.I have totally clean record.Spent over $1000.00 for evaluation in August 2018.Got nothing from ISP.Like they say,I guess you can hire a lawyer for $250 an hour.Just keepin it real my friend.
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