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  1. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/illinois-loses-appeal-gun-control-law-leaving-restraining-order-effect The state of Illinois lost an appeal on Tuesday after a lower court judge issued a restraining order on a newly enacted ban on some semiautomatic rifles as well as high-capacity magazines.
  2. It does appear that WEEK in Peoria told the viewers the wrong information about the whole state being covered.
  3. Our local news said it covered the whole state. It dealt with the legislator passing it within 48 hours but the subject of the bill changed from the first reading. I'm just repeating what the local news said.
  4. Like this topic should be moved to Effingham county - Accuracy firearms
  5. From what I understood they were going after was that the first reading of the bill that was voted on had nothing to do with the final bill so the actual bill purpose being voted on only had two readings and not three. This was normal under Madigan and it shouldn't be considered the norm.
  6. Just wondering if just because you would be arrested by lets say the State Police and the Sheriff says no way are they going to put you in their jail is to have the arrest itself be the reason to take all your guns since you would loose your FOID and CCL. Waiting Patiently for the temporary order to put a pause on the statute and our win in the courts.
  7. I didn't want post this on the message board, but the governor can backdoor remove the sheriff by removing their certification to be a police officer.

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    2. steveTA84


      Luckily that will not happen in my county (McHenry). Here’s the bio of our coroner BBC03968-63C7-41F7-A945-85287B750DE9.thumb.jpeg.06b1453188ae4f288ec7664c6526c8b4.jpeg

    3. davel501


      Why does what seems like a pm show publicly for everyone? 

    4. bmyers


      Reading through various parts of the law, it appears that for the Governor to do much of anything, he is going to have to get the courts involved. 


      My guess, before we get to that point, lawsuits will already have been filed and TRO/injunctions will have been issued making most of this a mute point till the final court ruling is issued. 

  8. This is the statement from Sheriff Watkins from Peoria County: “As the Sheriff of Peoria County, I oppose the legislative bill that was recently passed banning law-abiding citizens from buying certain types of firearms. This is another example of Chicago policy being pushed downstate on responsible gun owners. This bill does not solve the root cause of the problem. The real focus should be on the Mental Health Crisis that’s plaguing our communities that I see increasing every day in Peoria County.” McLean County Sheriff Matt Lane said the following: “The right to keep and bear arms for defense of life, liberty and property is regarded as an inalienable right of the people. If the intent of the legislative branch of this state is to change the U.S. Constitution, there is a process that was created long ago to accomplish such a change. Changing Illinois law in what I believe is total conflict with the U.S. Constitution is not how it is done. As your sheriff I will continue to defend all of your rights under the Constitution.” From the WEEK TV.
  9. Peoria County Sheriff just reported that he opposes the bill but he did not Confirm that he would enforce it. According to WEEKTV, Peoria.
  10. At the range I shot at, the Illinois state police, Woodford County, Marshall County, and other police officers qualify. interesting!!!!
  11. https://www.centralillinoisproud.com/news/local-news/illinois-county-sheriffs-refuse-to-enforce-assault-weapons-ban-deem-law-unconstitutional/ Counties refusing to enforce the law include: Clay, Edwards, Dekalb, Dewitt, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Grundy, Iroquois, Jefferson, Jo Daviess, Kankakee, Knox, LaSalle, Lee, Logan, Massac, McDonough, Ogle, Perry, Piatt, Pike, Randolph, Richland, Stephenson, Washington, Wayne, White, Winnebago, and Woodford.
  12. Has anyone seen anything on Peoria county? I looked, and I can't find anything.
  13. If you have owned a firearm and hunt, target practice, use it for self defense or any other legal means and IT hasn't committed a crime how does registration of it's serial number make it less likely for your FIREARM to commit a crime? My firearms say they haven't been violent. My firearms are chill.
  14. Thanks. You and Valinda are the best. Most have no idea how much you give of yourselves and your time for us. A commitment to us that would have most others committed. Lol.
  15. Good idea in this instance not to help those who can't help themselves Mauserme. Glad you are still putting forth the 110% effort to save us from them.
  16. My wife just submitted her renewal. It says expiration date is COVID-19. I am guessing that might be what shows up if LEO would run her license or for a gun purchase.
  17. My niece just purchased a Glock which was your first gun and she was approved in three days. She really really enjoys shooting. Then she purchased her second gun 4 weeks later, which was a Hellcat, and she was approved in three days. No delays for her. Every person appears to be different. Maybe she was just lucky.
  18. Is now a bad time to say I hate you? Bubbacs did they use your avatar on yours?
  19. My grandson is 11 and has a FOID. All you have to do is fill out the online application and when you put in the birthday you are presented with a guardian form to submit. As stated our FOID numbers go up. I also feel everyone in the family should have a FOID if one person has one regardless of whether you like the FOID requirement or not. It alleviates problems if the owner passes away and other things that you can't predict.
  20. My Grandson who is 11 years old filed for his and it took around 45 days. His Mother signed the guardian affidavit and had it notarized and sent it in. His Mother filled out the form online. How old is your son?
  21. This is another reason that spouses and children should have FOID cards only in one of them owns firearms in a family. Even though we shouldn't have to have a FOID the count of FOID holders should give pause to the anti crowd clowns.
  22. Christopher coin gun and pawn closing August 17 if not before in Pekin Illinois on court street. I talked to them today and they said because of dealer licensing.
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