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  1. Okay, thank you! So the sign at the entrance of the parking lot is meaningless then? Yeah, I would never leave a gun out in the open like that. I don’t even want people to see me putting it in my bag, or even worse putting it on my person.
  2. Im sorry if this is a rookie question, but I just want to be sure Im following the law. If I go to my kids school Im okay to ccw my gun as long as Im in my car. But I need to disarm(gun can still be loaded), and put my gun away, and then lock the car. It says case or glove box/console, but can I just put it in my work bag? My kids school(McHenry West) has a sign posted at the entrance of the parking lot stating that this is a gun free campus(I feel safer already), and at first I thought they meant I cant have it in my car. But the law states that I can actually ccw as long as Im in my car, and even lets me ccw around my car as if I wanted to put my gun in the trunk. I think thats a terrible idea by the way. The last thing I want to do is draw the attention of one of these left wing activist teachers or some snowflake kid. Thanks.
  3. In which case, it is merely a statement of company policy. It has no force of law, for a few reasons. Among them, as you may have learned earlier in this thread:The company doesn't get to choose to whom the law applies. It applies to everyone or no one.If the force of law is to apply to everyone, the sign has to be posted conspicuously where everyone can see it.Exactly! Thanks for all the information on this thread. It seems like ccw people are so hyper vigilant about laws that theyre the most law abiding citizens.
  4. This is an interesting thread. I’m a vendor for this Walmart mentioned in the original post. I haven’t seen one of these signs up at any of the Walmart’s, but I do see them at Jewel, particularly the one in Huntley. The sign is only on the back door though and it says that it only applies to on duty vendors and employees.
  5. So I can ccw on a bike trail or a forest preserve path as long as it’s NOT in Cook County?
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