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  1. mentally unstable = not much thought process
  2. Anyone else notice how unlike the Atlanta shooting where the MSM instantly jumped on the hate crime and racist crime bandwagon they are entirely silent about that now when the victims are white and the suspect is Middle Eastern/Arab? The media's biased formulated the narrative over actual news reporting.
  3. If anyone is paying attention, this individual had red flags all around them from school, law enforcement and even his family.
  4. And like a trained dog the MSM is only focused on "AR-15" and gun control.
  5. From some video clips I saw, the suspect appeared to be wearing just underwear or shorts, nothing else and the police apparently blocked off a residence a few blocks away, I have to wonder if this was a domestic issue that spilled over into the parking lot then store. Messed up either way
  6. Since the Capitol Police have chosen to not enforce the rule against some but enforce it against others, the ethics commitee should immediately drop the fines anything less would show and obvious bias and potential civil rights biased especially in a lawsuit.
  7. The fact they even thought of offering a magazine turn in at that price and even that high of price for rifles/pistols with no limit shows how utterly ignorant they are about firearms in general!
  8. BTW that is an over the counter brace/shell conversion simply tweaked a bit, it even comes in blue from the factory. https://caagearup.com/ Direct link to the model used above. https://caagearup.com/product/mck-micro-conversion-kit-stabilizer/
  9. Could be an interesting case, I suspect the courts will favor the Capitol as being a place where the 2nd can be infringed similar to court house where I suspect there is little chance the court rules fully in his favor, but a case like this could very well be a case to lay down a new level of scrutiny and possible even a pronged test of where and how the 2nd can be infringed.
  10. There is a natural rule of order, in that a vacuum will be filled, it's a fallacy to believe that if the NRA didn't exist or vanished today nothing would fill the void and replace them. The NRA simply won't seen a penny from my until they gut themselves and reboot from the ground up, my donations will go to other organizations that I feel better align with my values.
  11. "And they can’t be tolerated,” Kelly said. Yet he and everyone else involved have been 'tolerating' them this entire time, heck to be blunt the delays have been 'tollerated' for decades! The only reason they care now is that there are so many cases in the courts and the delays have grown so long there is the very real possibility that a court is going to slap them (or the law) upside the head as a civil rights violation!
  12. Proof the Democrats know the NRA will cave in and let our rights be chipped away slowly with 'compromises' that are not actually 'comprmises' at all, but instead just chipping away at the rights! A compromise means both sides get something they wanted, when is the last time the pro 2ns crowd actually gained something they wanted that wasn't because of a court order?
  13. The FOID is still very much in full force, even if they are slow to renew them and giving thier word that you have an extension on current FOIDS while you await your renewal.
  14. Wow, you could triple your investment buying and turning in brand new cheap AR magazines!
  15. You link is bad, some extra garbage at the end. https://redstate.com/shipwreckedcrew/2021/03/18/colorado-judge-strikes-down-city-of-boulders-municipal-ordinance-banning-possession-of-assault-weapons-like-ar-15s-n345788 It's a decent ruling but it had nothing to do with the 2nd, just state pre-emption.
  16. Nope, it appears it will return in full force after they 'catch up' on registrations, it would not surprise me to see a déjà vu settlement in IL soon in regards to the FOID and CCL delays.
  17. Dreams are a good thing to have, but we live in the real world where this will not happen to Illinois in our lifetime.
  18. Even though Wikipedia is not valid reference they got this one right, they morph the defintion of mass shootings to create the desired outcome. "Different media outlets and research groups use different definitions for the term "mass shooting" "
  19. LoL if they do show up I'm sure they will use the "But Trump was anti gun as well..." claim as they have in other threads here, as a deflection.
  20. Time for the Supreme Court to step up their game and put an end to this nonsense!
  21. Maybe he's realized that there are only so many guns a man can shoot at once, so many guitars a man can play at once, and so many bows a man can draw at once. This, he simply just wants to thin out stuff he rarely/never uses, he talks about it here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hafMq7J6vbc
  22. Sadly that isn't working, but a rulling that laid down that because it's a civil right strict scrutiny applies, would be a good start as 9/10 anti-gun laws would fail that test.
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