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  1. I forgot to post it here. There's an update about it on Gun Rights Watch. http://gunrightswatch.com/news/2019/07/11/illinois/gallatin-county-passes-2a-resolution-jasper-county-won-t-prosecute/
  2. No, as far as we know McHenry has not passed a 2A resolution. We'd sure like to see that change, though.
  3. I counted 65 counties, along with 2 townships and 2 towns.
  4. We just heard from two residents of Warren County in the past couple of days, who told us that the county has a 2A resolution vote scheduled for their meeting in September.
  5. Tonight, Gun Rights Watch received word that O'Fallon Township in St. Clair County voted and became a 2A Sanctuary Township this afternoon. http://gunrightswatch.com/news/2019/06/05/illinois/o-fallon-township-in-illinois-declares-itself-a-second-amendment-sanctuary/
  6. I got a message last night stating that at the Marion County gun rights rally yesterday the States Attorney spoke and said that he would not prosecute any unconstitutional laws, especially those concerning the infringement of the 2nd Amendment.
  7. It does on our map. Also, separate news items: * We just discovered that Piatt County passed a gun rights resolution in 2012. I'm searching their meeting minutes to see if I can find any mention of a resolution within the past year, proving that the 2012 resolution is the reason they didn't pass one recently. * Effingham just passed 2 new resolutions today: * A resolution to void the need for all FOID cards in the county. Not sure on the specifics yet until i read it. * A resolution to urge other counties to slit away from Chicago with them to form a new state. https://www.illinoisreview.com/illinoisreview/2019/04/effingham-county-board-to-consider-voiding-foid-card-offering-chicago-separation-referendum.html?fbclid=IwAR2KoxMiyrZtH-sSiTwgdgbpAnQTnQhd9GmwJesnfxgQQaDbCA97G5Itlw8
  8. The latest ISRA newsletter that came out yesterday claims that Carroll County passed a resolution or something, but I spoke personally with board member Paul Hartman this morning who claims that it wasn't voted on. Maybe ISRA is confusing Carroll County for Henderson County? I'll have an update out shortly with Henderson and Plainfield resolutions on GRW.
  9. I just received word from a subscriber that Plainfield Township in Will County passed their own "2nd Amendment/Lawful Gun owner Sanctuary Township Resolution" last night. We're awaiting a copy of the resolution.
  10. Edwards was a letter shown to me by David Campbell. Wabash and Kankakee have not passed resolutions, to my knowledge.Cant find any confirmation for Jersey or notice for Henderson either. It would be easier if the counties had a web page and posted board minutes from meetings! Jersey was another one from David. He talked to the state's attorney there a little while back. I'd love to find out more on Henderson - I've looked high and low and even emailed the county clerk with no success.
  11. Edwards was a letter shown to me by David Campbell. Wabash and Kankakee have not passed resolutions, to my knowledge.
  12. Added Edwards, Jersey, and Ogle Counties. Morgan County was made green on our map too, but their resolution was passed around 10 years ago. They were asked recently about a resolution and felt they didn't need to because they had already passed one. http://gunrightswatch.com/news/2019/03/06/illinois/illinois-gun-owner-sanctuary-counties-just-keep-coming/
  13. I just heard we got confirmation that Jersey passed a resolution. Like some others, it doesn't include the actual "sanctuary" language and it passed way back in August. It's apparently more of a generic Second Amendment support resolution. Still gathering info.
  14. Hey Kevin, I'm hearing that Edwards and Wabash also passed resolutions a little while back. If anyone could verify, that would be amazing. I've been asked to update the GRW map this weekend and I've put feelers out about those two so hopefully between here and my own sources we can come up with an answer shortly.
  15. Gun Rights Watch has said it's at 57. Where did you find that information at? I searched their site but couldn't come up with anything, and the Facebook page that came up for them with that only listed 26. Sorry about that. I'll be working on redesigning some features of the site this weekend to make it easier to find things. It's here: http://gunrightswatch.com/news/2018/11/09/illinois/all-eighteen-gun-sanctuary-resolutions-in-illinois-passed/
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