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  1. Thank you all for your advice. The "involuntarilly committed" label shocked me but what was most disturbing was when I contacted ISP to rectify the situation, they told me that state legislature changed, in which any stay in a treatment clincic, voluntary or involuntary, would be documented as uimvoluntary. Of course, I received the "Don't worry about it, it's only procedure" response from ISP. I find this very unsettling as there is a profound difference between actively seeking treatment and receiving it against my will. I feel like I have done all I could without seeking legal counsel, as this seems like I am being set up for failure and denial of my appeal. Does anyone know of an attorney familiar with the appeals process? I am prepared to do all that I can to reclaim my firearm rights. Thank you all again
  2. Hey everyone, I am brand new to the site and would like some input regarding my FOID appeals process. I'll try and make this as concise as possible: My FOID was revoked due to voluntarily seeking mental health treatment. I spent six days in the hospital and enrolled in a three month outpatient program for depression and anxiety. While I cannot begin the appeals process until September (psychiatrist wants to wait a full year from the revocation before providing a case for me), I am trying to get everything in order. Along with letters from my psychiatrist and therapist, I will have supportive letters written by my fiancee (LEO) and aunt (RN), among others. Here's where things get complicated... *As I have to report all mental health diagnoses and treatments, I am currently a medical cannabis card holder *Even though I voluntarily sought treatment, ISP stated they still document it as being "involuntarily committed" Is it wise to seek legal counsel to maximize the potential of FOID reinstatement and, if so, does anyone have any recommendations? Should I fight the label of being involuntarily committed, as it sounds like that could be a big hurdle for me? Although I have not used my card or purchased anything since May of last year, should I terminate it to make it more favorable for the appeals process? I wish I could explain my situation in its entirety, but this is the gist of it. It pains me greatly to have lost my FOID and if I knew there would be so many hoops to jump through, I would have thought twice before seeking help (which is a shame). I would be eternally grateful for any information provided because I want to be able to enjoy hunting and sport shooting again.
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